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Today, a rookie girl group known as Laboum has released teaser images for their first comeback after debuting last year under NH Media! Little fun fact, before business gets started, their name means 'The Party' in French. Check out the teaser images below!
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The girls are
Yujeong, full name Kim Yu Jeong, Leader/Lead Vocalist
Haein, full name Yeom Hae In, no specific position
Solbin, full name Ahn Sol Bin, Lead Vocalist/Visual/Rapper
Yoolhee, full name Kim Yool Hee, Maknae/Vocalist/Main Rapper
Soyeon, full name Jung So Yeon, Main Vocalist
ZN, full name Bae Jin Ye, Vocalist/Lead Rapper/Lead Dancer
All were found on a fansite, linked here
This is one of their MVs, titled 어떡할래, translated to 'What about you'. Found it with an ad in Korean. That's how you know you're in deep haha.

What do you think it could be? Are you interested? Comment below!

Love you guys! -MaeRin
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aaaaaa yaasss im so lowkey laboum omfg
I love them! Pit A Pat is one of my favorite songs EVER!
my fave songs are sugar sugar and what about u (or something like that)
OMG! I've been listening to their songs for awhile.