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[this one's a little long, enjoy!] You lay in bed, reading your favorite book, again. It was so relaxing, so silent, that is until you heard your roommate/boyfriend open a bag of gummy bears, they were both of your favorite snacks. "Jungkook, can you please be quiet. I'm trying to read." you said as you sat up in bed. He looks over at you, chewing slowly on a gummy bear, his red head phones on his head. You sighed as he removed his headset, "sorry, come again" "Can you be a little more silent, I'm reading." He smiles at you "okay!" he then pops another gummy bear on his mouth. You go back to reading your book, until from the corner of your eye you see Jungkook throwing gummy bears in the air and catching them with his mouth. You wanted to laugh at his silliness but you knew that would only encourage him into bothering you. What you didn't notice was that he caught you smiling at him. You went back to your book, not even a minute later he was laying his head on your stomach. "Jungkook, let me read." you stated trying to push him off. "I won't make any noise! promise." he said sticking out his pinky. You knew this wasn't true but you loved this book too much to not finish reading it. As you expected, he started distracting you again by catching the gummy bears with his mouth. Suddenly you looked down, "Jungkook-ah" you called. He turned to you with a gummy bear between his lips, after staring at you for a bit, he put his gummy bear inside he mouth and chewed it. "Hmm?" he hummed in response. "Come here." you motioned for him to lay next to you. He followed as you told him. "Jungkook, give me the gummy bears..." you calmly said. "no" he responded bluntly. "Jeon Jungkook...." you warned. "Nope, I don't want you to throw them away~" he whined. "Why on earth would I do that?!" you questioned, "After seeing you eat so much of them, I want some too~" now it was your turn to whine. He nodded before putting a green gummy bear between his lips, "Come get it sweety" He said as he got off your bed and walked over to the center of the room. "Just give me one!! please baby~" you whined yet again. "This is the last one, either you come get it or you get nothing." he smirked. This was bound to not end well. Minutes later, You were laying on your bed, cheeks flushed red and panting heavily. Jungkook turned to you and smirked. "I can not believe you actually ran behind me all around the flat to get one, ONE green gummy bear." "I can not believe you actually spit it on the ground." you turned to him and hit him in the stomach before turning away. His arms went around your waist and he pulled you closer to him. "I'm sorry baby. Lets go buy more, okay?" He asked as he pecked you in the neck. You smiled "as long as you can catch me!" you said as you ran to the door, put on your shoes and left outside. "No fair! Baby! that was not fair!" he said as her an behind you. "No! what isn't fair is that you killed the last bear Jungkook!" you yelled behind you as you kept running. Suddenly his arms were around your waist again, "I'm sorry baby. Stop running from me now, okay?" he whispered in your ear, you shivered. "That's better" he said as you stopped running. He slipped his hand around your waist as you both walked to the convenience store.
Thanks for reading! I got inspired to write this when I was eating gummy bears. lol anyways that was (2/7) & I will be posting these randomly I don't really have a schedule but next is our sweg man, Suga!! thanks for reading!!!!!!
this is soo cute! can u tag me in more
❤❤❤😆😆 thats so cute
cute XD tag me in any more you write
Haha the "what isn't fair is that you killed the last bear Jungkook!" Line reminded me of chemistry class where we did some experiment that made gummy bears colorfully and violently combust. The best part though was that my teacher gave everyone green gummy bear because she says nobody likes the green ones 😂