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Cute Egg Decorating Date Idea
Spring is officially here and I can't believe I almost forgot it's Easter Sunday this weekend!!! This is the perfect opportunity to picnic at a park or work on a fun project together--- like egg decorating. I think it'll be a pretty fun date idea activity. We won't actually do our egg decorating until Saturday because we are busy with work during the week. Here are some minimalist egg decoration ideas. I will try to document our artwork this weekend!

Egg Emoticons

Pastel Bunny and Chick

Marbled Eggs

Monochromatic Patterned Eggs

Glittered Watercolor Eggs

Pantone Color Eggs

Playful Geometric Pattern Eggs

Simple White Strokes on Natural Brown Eggs

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I love this idea!! My mom and her Ukrainian friend taught me how to make Pysanky eggs, it's this really awesome technique for designs on eggs. I'm not a very skilled artists, but you can follow designs and make them look super cool with a BUNCH of colors. I'd love to share that experience with someone!
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@nicolejb your mom is super artistic. Anyways it'll be a super cool idea to do them with a bunch of friends.
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Totally @cindystran we've had a lot of pysanky parties at my house before Easter!
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