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[Here are the highlights of yesterday's game between the Warriors and the Spurs]
This was the greatest matchup this regular season: The Golden State Warriors vs the San Antonio Spurs. The two teams with the best NBA records this season faced each other off yesterday to give us a glimpse of what the Western Conference finals will look like this season. The result?

"San Antonio Spurs 87 - 79 Golden State Warriors"

Coach Popovic and the Spurs showed that offense scores points and defense wins games. They came out with a totally different strategy to stop Stephen Curry, the best shooter in the league right now. Instead of having Kawhi Leonard or Tony Parker guarding him, Pop put LaMarcus Aldridge against Curry. You don’t see Aldridge outside the three point line that often, but he was constantly up against Curry’s face and Curry managed to score only one three-pointer the entire game, while missing 11.
The Spurs managed to extend their home game winning streak to 33 straight regular-season games this season and to 44 straight home games that extends from last year, tying the 95/96 Chicago Bulls.

NBA fans, do you think the Spurs found a way to stop Curry and the Warriors? If there was one team to take down the Warriors, do you think it is the San Antonio Spurs?

@DeanWilson That's also true! Not having Iguodala on their squad is huge!!!!
im not even a warriors fan but look at the facts. warriors had 2 injuries and had just played 9 games in 12 days before that game, not to mention it was away.
Don't worry. We'll crush them when we face them in the playoffs.
Tough loss. But let's not forget the time we crushed the Spurs earlier this season!