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I want to print out like 1-3 pictures of Taehyung/V and Jungkook from BTS since I have a shirt and jacket with their names on them respectively. People at school will ask me things like, "What does that say? (When I wear my Jungkook jacket)" and "Who is that person?" (When I tell them that it's a singer) One of the pictures might end up taped inside my locker so when the girl who's locker is beside mine can look at a fabulous picture of Jungkook or V. Plus my locker is in one of the main hallways which would also be great during hall change.
V pictures that I am considering
Jungkook pictures I am considering
I sometime during the making of this I decided that I'm just going to make a page of good looking pictures and one with Derp overload. So one page is all the members looking fine af while the other other is derp central. I want to have all the members so I can show my friend.
I need to print that off for her. She's getting into the fandom slowly but I'm dragging her down while laughing hysterically.
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Jungkook in leather pants is a must!
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@Defy24601 Jungkook is a must in general
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