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There is a part 2! if you are curious. Enjoy!
"Jagi, come on!" You yelled excitedly as you pranced around in the snow. Your cheeks a slight pink and a red nose as you let out little puffs of air. He saw you shivering as you continued to play around. Smiling he joined you in the snow making snowmen, snowballs, snow angles, even trying to build a fort.
"Jagi" You called out softly, your voice quivering in fear.
He turn towards the doorway where you stood. Seeing the state you were in he paused in his work and took off the headphones. You quickly ran into his arms as he engulfed your whole body. He stroked your hair to soothe your nerves.
"Its, alright I am here." His deep voice clamed the ragging storm in your mind. As another clap of thunder shook the apartment.
"Jagi!" You yelled, worry radiating off of you in waves as well as anger. He stood there anger filled, knuckles turning white from his grip on his bag.
"I am fine, quit being annoying and a burden!" He exploded as he rushed to you're shared room and slam the door shut. That night you slept on the couch with a very thin hoodie. You were trembling from the cold since it was winter and the small lumpy sofa didn't help.
He sat on the bed waiting for you to enter. He then suddenly realized that he had locked the door. Stepping into the freezing living room, he walked over to your small form. He carefully picked you up from the sofa and went to lay you in bed. Laying next to you he wrapped you both together in a warm blanket.
"I am so sorry jagi." You said quietly in your sleep. Sighing he pulled you close and slip into a peaceful bliss of sleep. He was happy you were still with him.
"Jagi, how could you?" You choked back tears as you witness the horrid scene.
He pulled apart from your half naked B/F/N, though his arms still circled around her. He instantly felt nervous in front of you, even though he has been doing this a few months. Swallowing his pride he held out his hand for the keys to the apartment.
You held in so many emotions shock, hurt, anger, and so on. You shelved in all of your things into multiple bags not wanting to leave a single thing behind. Except for the gifts he got you. Standing in front of him, you hand over the keys. Though before you leave you took off the promise ring he had gave you and placed it gently on the kitchen counter.
"Goodbye, Rap Monster" You answered emotionless as you slam the door to the apartment on your way out. He never thought that you calling him by his stage name would hurt so much.
Namjoon woke up startled as he frantically searched for you. Noticing a figure next to him, he hastily wrapped his arm around what he thought was you.
"Jagi, get off." B/F/N mumbled pushing him away and rolled over to go back to sleep.
His heart shattered, it felt like a hot sharp knife just pierced his heart. He was so upset that it caused him physical pain. He put his hand over his heart, he couldn't believe that you slip through his grasp. The apartment didn't feel like home anymore, it was dull its once lively feel was gone after you left. A very haunting memory was present in his mind like a plague.
A forgotten memory.
This is good. Hurts like a hot metal poker through my heart but this is really good. When part three come my I please be tagged?
I need to know what happens next!!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I might post again later tonight
well i must know what happens next