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I guess cus Vegeta is funny and somewhat nice to his friends. He loves Bulma, and protects his daughter. Sauske just hates everything. But that's my opinion.
well Sasuke spent the bulk of the series being an emo baby all alone, while Vegeta has stuck with Goku and the Z fighters through all of it. he never ran away. (except maybe during the majin saga)
i like them both
I like sasuke not because he is deep down a good guy but because he is narutos ultimate goal and him being away from the leaf village is what pushes naruto to become as strong as he is
sasuke just makes you wanna punch him in the face because he was a self entitled brat vegeta yes he was also self entitled BUT if you could blow up planets at the ripe old age of 29 wouldn't the power go to your head as well? being raised by the warlord who killed his father vegeta knew no different sasuke while he lost his family was still looked after treated warmly and abandoned everything
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