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A lot of people showed interested in the men hairstyling card I made last week. Today, I'll be going over the 5 basic men hair cuts & styles that are trending right now.

1) The Side Part

Have you watched The Great Gatsby? Then chances area you are have seen this hairstyle before. Celebrity like David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio has been sporting this look for a while now. The cut looks clean, classy, and modern. To achieve this look: Create a side part on one side and comb your hair in the opposition direction. Apply wax to keep fly aways at bay.

The Fade

Okay, so you saw this last week but I guess some of you might not know exactly why this style is called a fade. It's a big trend among hipsters. Basically, your hair tapers down to the skin creating a clean cut finish. This technique could be applied to any cute or style!

The Hard Part

This is one is self-explanatory. Your hair is split into two part a razor part and regular-length part. To keep this hard part you will have to visit barber regularly to keep the razor side fresh.

The Pomp

Think of a modern version of Elvis Presley's signature hair. It still has that retro look but it's more toned down.

Tousled Texture

This style is pretty popular and instantly gives you a boyish vibe (e.g. Zayn Malik). The styling option is endless and you can mix and match with any type of cut. How to style:
Rub wax on your fingers and tousle your hair to create a shaggy, texture look.
That's it for now. Stay tune for more cards on men hairstyle and cuts!