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I will never forget the great times I had with this amazing franchise! Hey guys don't forget to "rasengan" that like button!
@InVinsybll That would be awesome! Although, I'm working my way through Tales of Xillia, which is a really long game, so I'm hoping to get through it before FF15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 come out. I wish I had more time for gaming, so I can go through all the games I love again!
@TurtleyTurtles that's real. I liked Chain of Memories and Birth By Sleep, but I didn't get a chance to try 358/2 days or Re:Coded. I just hope that before 3 comes out ,they do a collectors edition of 1 and 2 remastered
I can't wait for 3. part of why I even bought a PS4 @turtleyturtles
The 3rd one will be coming out soon... apparently! It looks good!
@InVinsybll I really enjoyed the first 2, but just couldn't get into the spin offs and side projects, so I'm actually really excited for it, too. I'll be getting a PS4 soon, hopefully... but the biggest reason I'm getting one is FF15.
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