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I have always been a diehard fan of the Mortal Kombat series. I even owned and played Sub Zero's solo game. Anyway I was glued to it on Sega and I am actually thinking about getting it for the Xbox One. Now in the spirt of the type of gamer I am, I absolutely love cosplay that is done right. I not picky about the persons physical features.. I'm more about the costume and if the character had a crazy tatto on his or her head, I would like to see the cosplayer with that too. Now let's get to the Cosplay!! Mortal Kombat!! In the comments please tell me your favorite character! It does not have to be from the cosplayers I put up, just from Mortal Kombat. Hit the music!
My absolute favorite of Melenna, this girl freaking nailed it... I can't breathe lol
Frost, that's pretty much spot on... To the hair. There is no fighting there at all.
Can Sub Zero and I have a talk lol. He is wonderful! My second male character I play as all the time.
Scorpion... Get over here! This is my go to character. The guy cosplaying him nailed it. It's just to amazing! I would love to take a photo with this guy,
Sindel, so evil so right. I wonder if the cosplayer got her scream down!
Can we talk about Raiden? Yes yes yes! Bingo!
The fight seen between these two.. This is freaky epic. One of the best cosplays I seen so far.
Sexy and scandalous.. I wish this cosplay had more blood. Everyone knows that's what MK is about lol.
Those are the few that I found that I thought was awesome. If you want to keep up my video games rambles and peeks at cool Cosplay please from my Gamer Chronicle collection here!
so impressive! I can't imagine how much work went into these
These are badass MK cosplays. Can't even pick a favorite!
That first one tho! Aaa get it 😹
Wow the cosplays are awesome!