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Unable to recover from surgery, Big Bang Taeyang’s pet dog, Boss, has passed away. On June 10, Taeyang tweeted, “2008.07.15-2013.06.10 [BOSS],” telling his fans that his beloved pet has died. He wrote additionally, “Good bye, Boss. I enjoyed that past five years..Thank you, and I’m sorry,” and “I lost my baby today. He will be always in my heart.” He also thanked the veterinarians who took good care of Boss until the end. Taeyang′s brother, Dong Hyeon Bae also tweeted, "Boss...good bye.. I won′t forget you...Don′t forget me and rest in peace. I was really happy for five years because of you. Thanks. I′m sorry for not knowing that you were sick sooner.. I′m sorry for not being able to treat you well... Run around as much as you want there.. I wanted to go to the Han River with you. I love you Boss. I miss you." On June 5, Taeyang informed fans that Boss received sudden surgery for a herniated disc. Rest in Peace, Boss. Source: @ENewsWorld Ah... such a sad news :(
sorry for u Taeyang it happens !!!same here after 1 year i still fell he is here !!
oh nooooo :(
:( be strong Taeyang
aww sad day :( i hope you are coping well oppa biane he will always be with you in spirit
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