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hope you like this first part of ch 4... Just new to the story find the chapters here Got7 Follow Me Prequel Chpt1 Chapter 2 Ch 3
Jr POV I smiled at the text I just received from my girl. "Love the flowers! Thank you. <3 xoxo" I turn my phone offand focus on some new choreography for our new song when Jb comes in. He stands there watching for a little bit and then joins in. We dancd until total exhaustion hits and collapse on the floor. "Will be cool soon? I really need my best friend back. I'll wait," I asked JB. He sighs then answers, "Give me sometime, like a couple of weeks. I just need to get over my feelings for Veronica. But Jinyoung, our friendship will always be here." He gets up and walks out the studio. I sit up and look in the mirror and watch as he leaves. My heart hurts for him but it is also filled with so much joy at Veronica being my girl. I look at my watch and see that I need to get to the recording studio. Once I arrive I see that Jackson and Mark are there. I Smile at them and they nod their heads. I look at the producer and Greet him. He motions for me to go in and record my part of the song. As I sing I think of the songs meaning and her face pops into my head. I get feedback when im done recording at how sincere the words and music feel. I want to text her so I go to my phone and see its already midnight. I sigh because I know she is asleep. I see Mark still there on the couch sleeping. Guess he was waiting for me. I nudge him awake. He stretches and yawns. He sits up and smipes at me. I tell hi, its time to go bqck and he nods his head. He slips me a piece of paper and I read it. "Her favorite song, and she will kill me for telling you, is I swear by Boyz 2 Men. She likes lemon flavored anything and she wont remember to eat in a creative binge." I smile at him and throw my arm around his shoulder and walk out with him. We get back to the dorm and I clean up and then hit my pillow. I immediately fall asleep thinking of the surprise my baby has in store for herself.
My pov I awoke the next morning and text my angel. "Good morning babe! ♡ see you at work later! ;)" I get up and set off to another day at JYP entertainment. I am glad I negotiated to have two weekemds off a month. I get to my job amd set up the spa for the day. I see my schedule and it is a jammed pack. I think we may need to hire at least another masseuse. I see I have a meeting with JYP in about two hours I jot down this note to discuss with him. My first client of the day comes in Taecyeon. I greet him and motion for him to get ready behind the screen and tell him I'll be back in a moment so he can lay on yhe table. I come back in and he is laying down. I get the oils prepared and then go over and look at his back. I see the tension near his neck and down hi back. He must have been practicing dance a lot this week. I take the oil an pour it out unto his back and a little on my hands. I focus a lot of my strength into workimg the tension out of his shoulders and neck. I look for his body signal of when to move back down. It wasnt long before he shoulders went into a relaxed position and his neck gradually became softer. I moved down his back and soon felt his whole body sigh in relief. I smile amd look at the clock. I shake a him a little to wake him up. He smiles at me. I tell him he his finshed and that ill be leaving for a meeting. I walk up to th top floor and bow in greeting to the receptionist. She comes around and guides me once again to JYP. He stands up, smiles and walks over to me. I bow my head in respect and he guides me to a seat. "Ms. Artino, the spa is a great success because of you. All the artists and workers here are truly happy with you and your services but I am thinking you may need some help. Do you have someone you recommend." I smile at him and gave him the name of my friemd and fellow masseuse. Its been a few years since I spoke to her but I saw recently on our school board she was looking for a job now that she is back in Korea. We finish our review and meeting. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful except fora few texts here and there between Jr and my best friend Jellybean asking me when I would come and cut his hair and I shake my head at his latest text complaining how we havent had a horror marathon lately. I told him I was busy dating and working. That soon we would have time to hangout. It was about 3 in the afternoon and I was getting ready to take a break when a packaged arrived for me. I smiled and was opening a card and the package when I felt arms wrap me up in a hug. I smile and turn in his arms and wrap my arms around him. I inhale his scent. "Thank you for my favorite candy, and fruit but how?" "Angel thats my secret, and I just wanted to give you a hug but now I got to go to the studio." He embraces me in a short hug and runs out. I go to the package and take out some lemons and smell them and thats when JB walks in. He laughs. "Hi JB!" I greet him.
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