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Jin: While he was trying to find a place for both of you to hide you quietly rip his nametag from his back and start sprinting in the other direction. He looks up, not sure why youre running away.
Suga: He would playfully scold you but would be secretly happy to be out of the game because now he doesnt have to run anymore.
Y/N, how could you, I thought I knew you better than that! *fake pouting*
J-Hope: He was talking to another one of his teammates when he sensed someone behind him, catching you right before you tore off his name.
Excuse you Y/N, what are you doing?
Rap Monster: When you run off laughing with his name tag in his hands he stands frozen in his place, watching you with a look of disgust.
Jimin: You tackle him to the ground and after a little bit of a struggle, wrestled the nametag from Jimin. You run away, leaving him on the ground laughing at himself.
Why did I fall for that.. *giggle*
V: He didnt notice anything was wrong, not even when you grabbed onto his shoulders to get a better grip on the velcro. He only realizes when he hears the MC announce his elimination.
V, out.
Jungkook: *Ready for some sweet, sweet revenge*
😂😂😂 @Sunnydaebak Hehe running man
I really liked Namjoons and Taehyungs 😂😂😂
I would love to be on running man with them!
omg Rap Mon's hahahahah too true!