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“To Those Whom, God Gifted Great Physical Beauty” by Lumina H. When God stitched you up in your mother’s womb He decided to give you stunning Beauty that was bound to bloom He planned out your life before you were even born Although you may appear more alluring to our vision, you are still a bloody Rose with thorns. God made you as prettier than a flower because Just as he assigns wealth, health, talent and weakness for his justified cause He expects from you responsibility, humility and charity In a material world that salutes nothing but superficiality. God didn’t make you as fair as Snow White to boast, To the universe that you were somehow more superior than most He is sad to watch you use Your good looks, to narcissistically gain more lovers, more admirers and more followers Because that is when you misuse The great gift which was meant to be divinely used As God’s designated romantic muse. You are irresistible to the world’s scene Your prepossessing charm and charisma is intoxicating, no one can deny With just your smile, you make us fall in love Because you’re too ravishing, and make us believe that you are an angel from above. Your mystical artistic eyes, they sparkle and twinkle brighter than the stars of the galaxy Yet your vanity loots us of our sanity And drives us into our lunacy We are bewitched under your magnificent spell You are a hundredfold more beautiful than the heroine from “Beauty and the Beast”, than Belle We use all our resources and energy to obtain your entire entity But your best ability is to give us nothing but misery Injury, agony, and a painful unforgettable memory. Your handsome looks are a legacy, an appealing rarity How did biology ever make such a perfect anatomy? The deity obviously granted you with Beauty that would outlast history You are the finest glamour of our century. But because we desire you sexually, physically, emotionally, spiritually, entirely As if you were a trillion dollar luxury jewelry Your existence in itself is a cruelty You are our heartache, our touching, tearing melody Your body is a never ending art gallery And in order to touch it we would beseech our total loyalty. When you stare at us, we take you to our wildest fantasy Because to see you, eye to eye, is in itself poetry You have us in full captivity the moment you engage with us in conversations properly If we fall further for you, you become more important to us more than our own family. Your looks are your armory, here is my theory You are selfish, because you don’t use your attractiveness in dignity You owe us a sincere apology for aggravating in us severe anxiety Every time you give us your company, it’s as if you stole our personal custody. You have Cupid’s archery to shoot us with devilry We can’t escape your arrow shot, even for split brevity When you laugh, we become immobilized to the epitome Because we are dying inside, your lovely imagery is simply gravity. But in honesty, your majesty You, the Queen or King, God or Goddess of Beauty, you deserve a penalty For snitching away our liberty, forcing us into slavery with your enchanting sorcery In secrecy, you are nothing but a tyranny Because you enjoy the tragedy of watching us envy You know in reality, that you have no other rivalry. The quality of your face is royalty The victory of perfect unity, the masterpiece of our humanity When we praise your appearance, you fake a humble flattery Did you know that when we see your photographs, we feel immediate jealousy? You are our celebrity, the romantic rhapsody of our life’s symphony We can promise you our committed chastity out of autonomy. Maybe that is your sneaky strategy, to use your witchery To entitle the property and ownership of us in totality So that we willingly promise you our purity, give you eternal security. You are very well aware of the power of your identity From birth, you have been treated like nobility Receiving love in both quantity and quality But don’t think for a second, as if your graceful aesthetics or Beauty Is part of God’s prophecy to fill your greedy gluttony The majority of us hate you in secret, glare and envy at your body Because you are the proof of inequality. But always ultimately remember your limited mortality The clock is ticking. Your youth and Beauty will not last for infinity You will wrinkle and die ugly just like the rest of mankind’s ancestry To protect only your physical charm to the end is futility Because to the passing of time, you have no immunity. Although to the physical eye, you are a precious minority To divinity, and in theology, you hold the possibility To fall into spiritual stupidity and immaturity. You know that what makes your destiny so special Why everyone thinks of you so elegantly The reason why your life was designed for a lifetime of serenity Every day in the mirror, the answer stares back at you confidently. The answer is that you were formed in magnificent artistry And thus you became to us, the rarest discovery of our galaxy. But remember that in Beauty, there is always diversity And things that are seen on the outside can’t have eternal consistency It does not promise absolute constancy Realize that the world demands to see every inch of your body and soul, to bare your nudity Because they want to scan you for possible scrutiny They despise and love you at the same time, because deep inside, you are their enemy. You cannot give us harmony Because we humans are still selfish as though we are still in infancy To win the affection of someone as beautiful as you is like winning the lottery But to be rejected by someone we want as much as you is still a mockery Your rejection is a proof of our own poverty of Beauty The shadowy iniquity of our own facial geometry. Some have learnt a heavenly epiphany, from falling in love with your courtesy That behind your exquisite mask, you possess no humility And they saw right through your beguiling lips That you endeavor to entice us for your own amusement They are smart enough to realize you lack morality When you are in our proximity We feel this absurdity that you may have a chance with us, that there is a possibility Our infatuation of you rises to the highest intensity. You are so used to random people hitting on you, that you’ve mastered the art of hostility To those who only want to steal your virginity But don’t blame us for pursuing you with fire, for acting so childly We are simply bewildered by a knockout creature so fantastically extraordinary That we cannot help but awe, gawk and gaze at you deliciously Your very existence in itself exasperates our every curiosity. You only want relationships that would have longevity Because you know that people love you at first sight for one reason only The pleasantry extremity of your Beauty and fertility, you are in short, too sexy Our eyes follow your every move, all day long and every single day But still the sight of you is still too unbelievable to our observation We simply cannot keep our stalking at bay You appear too winsome and cute to us, you are almost a conspiracy. Your popularity tempts you into infidelity Because our complexity As humans just hungers for never ending passion and intimacy That can give us more romantic chemistry and exciting electricity. Please remember that because you are like a drug to us, we suffer painfully You have the capability of becoming a monstrosity Your engaging peculiarity does not promise us tranquility Because truthfully, everyone wants to use you For their wish fulfillment, for their gratification, for their sexual satisfactory. Your individuality will always be defined, mostly by what you look to us than any other quality Because you are too drop dead gorgeous and so beyond conventionality We feel insecure around you, because you look like you just walked out of the silver screen You make us feel this sense of incompatibility. How can anyone have the comprehensibility? To stop falling madly, deeply, and irrevocably in love with you, when you took away our personal privacy? In summary, you are all we think about in our daily life, we write about you in our diary When we text you, we wait for your reply as if it’s the world’s greatest urgency. All our activity revolves around pleasing you and you become our first and foremost priority Oh how did your bodily symmetry, design you into such a beauteous scarcity You are the magical rose and dramatic music of our souls The symphony of everything our natural tendency demands in totality. But sometimes you can become nothing but a savagery, a burglary, a jeopardy and villainy magician to us in our insanity Because you wove a tapestry in our minds that one day, you could be ours for eternity I feel enraging fire and ferocity when I see you speaking to another person I wonder if they are merely your friend Or whether they are someone you see intimately in private, person to person Finding out about all your trivial and close relationships becomes my necessity And through Facebook stalking, lucidity soon becomes compulsory. Do you not feel for us normal people sympathy? That we weren’t born with the same brilliancy Of the face and body you were gifted in prosperity? Do you not agree that God showered you with his utmost generosity? When he destined you the originality To stand out from the rest of the crowd, never having to resort to conformity? We save photos of you in our phones to remind us of how smashing you are To stamp you in our mind in familiarity We never forget every little thing about you Such as your birthday, or you and your partner’s one year anniversary Because we stalk you on Instagram in singularity. In subjectivity, there may be some who aren’t so charmed by your authenticity Because some people are strong enough to look beyond your amazing Beauty And confident enough not to have the combustibility To burn their hearts for your soul’s shallow insufficiency. Your face and heart is a contradictory Because outrageous Beauties like you have been granted Automatic love and interest the moment we lay our eyes on you almost instantly And so you have the inadvertency of focusing on your inner spirituality You don’t feel the same need to reflect on the parts of you people can’t see in visibility There was really no need for adaptability Because we as judgmental, three dimensional humans love you unconditionally, instinctively It’s part of our hollow, but natural spontaneity. We may feel as though you have insincerity, a lack of sensibility And that being with you means a future of tragic contingency Because at every opportunity, we are competing with millions of others who want your intimacy All of them want your number and time, trying to win your dependency. The vitality of your skin, what you wear, how you do your hair, your shoes, your lips and your nose don’t need mutability They are already so immaculate to our sight And we are blinded by your astonishing light We become yours in seconds; we have the incapacity to grasp you away from our mentality You are our mind’s drug, the food of our psychiatry. Is it hard for you to feel neutrality or mutuality towards us who admire you so? Do you see us in simplicity, in partiality, in ambiguity? Do we seem so single minded in possessing you as our own? As those having animalistic urges and foolish integrity? Your notoriety among us may make you into a fetish, a commodity, rather than as a real person Because you become to us the icon of desirability and sexuality Your Beauty shines too bright for us, it’s like the sun, more prominent than the illuminati And to our eyes it becomes almost a brutality. We are curious to know your genealogy How did God ever combine the right DNA from your paternity? You are a walking advertising “look at me!” biography Your face says all, that you are loved, maybe even a loving person who as no physical deformity. We want to hear what you say in soliloquy Who is the lucky beloved chosen one of your own story? We demand to find out more about what you are like in actuality We are poisoned by your fragrance all too tasty, too flowery. The entertainment industry would love to use you for their poster model, you will cash them automatic subsidy But because you are more comely than celebrities, it’s so hard to get your schedule’s vacancy You would even make the most popular supermodel question her ranks, surely. In certainty, we are bound to stalk you when we see your back, although we don’t expose this in formality We need recovery to retain our liberty From making you into our life’s idolatry. With you, we have the potential to even commit adultery Because to be in your arms is more Climatic to us than even pornography. You thievery! From birth you won the world’s monopoly You are an illusory, a manipulation, a fraud, a scandal, a swindle You have the power to exercise audacity without serious penalty. But know this, Great Beauty of midnight and eternity That although Beauty is your greatest and strongest utility It can also become the source of your downfall, your destruction, Satan’s regency. In Holy Trinity, God bestowed on you Beauty as his mastery To help others find their liturgy You are not meant to be the deceptive and fleeting Beauty that you are, the irony Do not resort to the world’s look obsessed falsity. The world can present you bribery But protect your heart’s decency, because to only have exterior Beauty is acidity To manipulate your God given Beauty just to feel worthier than others is pure idiocy. Remember that God gave you Beauty for a purpose, to help build his Kingdom and to become his agency You were given one of the most powerful if not the greatest advantages in life out there Because you possess the treasury Beauty With far more potential and ability than all the world’s finest botany. So first and foremost keep humility, dignity, purity Sincerity, generosity, amity, bravery, charity, harmony, novelty Modesty, loyalty, liberty, chastity, maturity Chivalry, morality, equality and integrity. You can become the remedy of our damaged society Rather than the world’s Femme Fatale, the beautiful, but air headed infamy. From nativity, you could have been our planet’s monarchy But rather than to gain the world, but lose your soul You can help solve the world’s disparity, fragility, malignity With your smiles that shine brighter than the morning sun in clarity. Through what you wear you can promote frugality over superficiality Tell everyone that the most trendy fashion style is to uphold inner beauty Over outer beauty, as your main publicity You can become a virtuous directory to your community By teaching them through your life story, that perhaps obscurity May be more peaceful than being the world’s best looking celebrity You can write, sing, act or talk about how physical Beauty Can sometimes become dishonesty That what are really important in life are the interior primary qualities The growth of your heart and soul in life’s short chronology. Help lower criminality and secure peace between nationalities By allowing the spotlight that was focused on you To show the world that you care so much more about those who suffer in the world Rather than caring about cosmetics or plastic surgery That only further enhances your physical superiority. You are from birth, a prodigy, because you have the world at your feet Just remember how God said charm is deceptive and Beauty fleets And become someone who is more beautiful on the inside Than you already are on the outside. Because when your perfect your inner Beauty Along with your already given outer Beauty You become one of the most beautiful characters God wrote down in his book The hero or heroine who went on the right ride Who always stayed by his side The true jewel of His eternal, everlasting eye. ㅑ