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Ok so I saw this article pop up on Allkpop. We all know how much Hyunseung has been missing up to were us B2UTIES have no idea on what is going on. On the article is says that B2ST Hyunseung is rumored to be leaving. I love B2ST and even though Hyunseung is not my ultimate favorite he is still part of my boys. I hope that he doesn't leave. I don't think my heart can take it if he leaves. I'm just having a hard time just thinking about it. link
@axosrain I agree. I think things went down hill when he came out solo last year.
@CreeTheOtaku I read that and I'm so glade that he is staying.
@axosrain same hopefully the others members are their to help him through this.
@Choijiah it's sad. I hope he doesn't have depression
@axosrain @Choijiah he's not leaving though cube sent out a letter saying that rumor is false
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