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Okay guys, for deadlifts I always use a mixed grip. My swolemate gave me some lifting straps (not knowing that I am not really a user of straps - I am not opposed to trying them out, though).
For those of you who use lifting straps, do you find it beneficial? Is it better than a mixed grip, or even a hook grip?
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I've never used them, but would like to try. so often my hand grip is weaker than other body parts which sucks
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@alywoah i use regular grip based off of whatever lift I'm performing. the straps help secure the bar but take away raw grip strength for me.
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@marshalledgar what kind of grip do you use for a lift like deadlift?
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Nice try @alywoah I don't deadlift
2 years ago·Reply
I only use me when I go for a pr you know other wise your grip strength starts to fade on ya plus helps build nice forearms
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