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Let's drop some positive vibes here! What's was one of your proudest fitness/health moment?

Since it's Monday Motivation, I think it would be cool to motivate each other with our stories of accomplishments. You can either write your card, or comment below!

My Proudest Fit Moment:

Some of you may have already heard of this story, but one of my proudest moments when I was worked up the courage to enter a deadlifting competition on my college campus. Mind you, I had never executed a deadlift ever in my entire life, but they encouraged first-timers.
After being shown the basics of a deadlift, I ripped 135 off the ground. My first ever deadlift. It was my proudest moment for many reasons:
1) I essentially forced myself to get out of my comfort zone to do something I had never done, with people I didn't even know.
2) This was the beginning of my lifting career. It opened a new world up to me.
My proudest moment was realizing that I could stick with something and not give up. Being able to stay consistent only requires one more day of not giving up. String them together and you've got 5 months of consistency.
I started working out and eating healthier for 2 weeks as a test to see if I can do it, and to my suprises I lost 14 pounds and still continuing to work out and eat healthy
When I got back on my feet, after hurting my knees, riding a bicycle again and swimming was the best and proudest feeling of my life
I just finished my first 5k this past Saturday and did not stop once or give up
@VeronicaArtino woah! You go girl! 馃槃
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