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Everyone was sharing their makeup routine and (w)ake-up routine so I was inspired to share my skincare routine. I switched products about every 3 months just for sanitary sake. I also believe that sticking to one skincare product for a very long time will loose its effectiveness (e.g. your skin will get use to ingredient and the product is no longer active).

My current skincare routine is pretty simple.

1. Rinse:

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Foam Cleanser ($12.85)Due to my combination/oily skin I love foam cleansers. Liquid cleansers are too drying for my skin and cream cleansers leaves an unpleasant residue. I've been using this one for about a year (alternating between season) and it hasn't disappoint. The only time I regret purchasing this product was when I accidentally use it as a toothpaste! True story. I was super tired that day and didn't realized I was grabbing the wrong white-color paste. Don't ever try it! It was absolutely disgusting.

2. Tone

Shiseido White Lucent Balancing Softener ($48) It's pretty pricey but this toner is one of the best I've tried so far. It absorbs easily and does not leave my skin feeling tight or oily. Another good thing about this toner is leaves your skin looking radiant (aka looking alive even with lack of sleep). Unfortunately, shiseido is going to stop producing this one and move on to a toning lotion for the White Lucent Line. They still sale this on Shiseido's website but other stores are currently selling the updated version.

3. Moisture

Some people don't consider serum a moisturizer because it's too light and watery. It almost feels like a toner lotion. Moisturizer are normally thicker and cream based. For combination skin, I love the texture. It's light, airy and shine-free! This is a great choice for summer but not so great for winter.

4. Protect

I've been a loyal user of Shiseido sunscreen but decided to try Dr. Jart because it claims to be oily-free and suitable for sensitive skin. First of all, I was impressed how light the product is. While it claims to be oily-free it leaves my skin moist and dewy. I don't really like the dewy look so I only use it sparingly. However, I found out it could be a wonderful primer under foundation.
After this month I'll be changing my toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. So, if you have any suggestions for combination/oily skin please let me know! Thanks for reading!
@MyAffairWith Thanks for the recommendation! Neutrogena have so much options. I think it will take some trial and error to find the right one for my skin. Thanks again!
I do have dry skin so I use neutrogena one which I really like. It acts as another moisturizer layer for me and its oil free and light weight. This isn't as heavy and I think you may like it. I've been using one religiously for a year now and I love it!! I've actually just stuck to this one.
@MyAffairWith I'm actually really bad with sunscreen but I convinced myself to use for the sake of not having skin cancer later. I haven't really found a sunscreen that doesn't make my skin feel heavy. Do you have any recommendations?
@cindystran it will! You have to go through trial and error to find one that matches your skin type and I'm sure you will find that product :)
Oh shiseido and Innisfree! ^_^ My favorite brands. Great routine and you have sunscreen here too. I never skip sunscreen!