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JB's Pov I was walking to the studio but my legs took me to see Veronica. I have these lingering feelings but then when I met Mandi this weekend something inside my heart stopped for a second and then sped up. I am so confused. Maybe if I saw Veronica again I might be able to figure out what I am feeling and maybe get closure. I really did mean what I said to Jr he and I will always be friends but my heart hurts at the same time. I walk into the spa and I see her sniffing lemons. I just couldn't help myself. I laughed so loud. She is so cute but strangely my heart is at a steady normal pace. I frown little but then quickly smile when I hear her greeting. "Hi JB!" She looked nervous when she said that. So I smile at her and tease her. "So is that a habit you have?" I motion to the lemons. "Do you go. around sniffing innocent lemons?" She blushes but answers "Yes I go around sniffing lemons. You should see what Mandi does when we go grocery shopping to keep me from standing ad sniffing lemons all day long." My heart sped up at the entire of Mandi. I don't understand this but I don't let my confusion surface but my curiosity does. "What does she do?" She gives me two long to hold all throughout the shopping trip and tells me if I smell them more than 5 times I have to clean the bathrooms. Want to know a secret JB?" I nod my head. "Sometimes I sniff them more than 5 times on purpose because ost of the cleaning products we have our lemon scented and then when cleaning I am in lemon heaven bliss." She says this with a big smile on her face. I smile back but the next thing she says has me completely taken off gaurd. "JB, you don't really love me as a girlfriend. When you find the one you really love their scent fills you up and completely takes over. I was sniffing the lemons because I haven't sniffed a lemon in so long. Jr was just here and his smell lingers making it completely impossible for me to concentrate on my job. It is so unique to him but I could pick him out in a crowd of 100 people and lemons. I would be able to find him blindfolded because his scent is embedded into every corner of my being. He is now my favorite scent. these lemons don't even compare anymore." I smile at her because what she just said made sense to me. I don't know how it happened but there is a sense I haven't been able to get out of my head since 2 days ago. I grab Veronica in a hug.
My Pov He grabbed me into a hug and then releases me. "Thank You Veronica. Thank you." He runs out of the spa nearly knocking down the members of Twice. I smile at them as they come in. They wanted to set up times to come in and get massages. I scheduled them and then I closed up for the day and headed home. Over the next few days I was super busy at work and at home with all the punishments. I completed editing for Ali and she was very thankful. Luna and Emm where super smiley all the time. I wonder if it had to do with Mark and Jackson. Mandi even seemed a little happier. I caught her a few time looking at her phone and smiling. Jr and I would sneak a few hugs in when we could and of course texted each other every day. He would send me tulips in different colors with the most beautiful words written on the cards. but I finally told him to stop and he is only allowed to send me flowers once a week starting in two weeks. We where trying to find a day for an actual day in between our schedules. I sighed because it would look like I would never get the chance unless we hired a masseuse. At my sigh JYP comes walking in with Ashley. We both squeal with excitement we run up to each other and hug JYP leaves us to our business as I tell her the round down as some girls from twice arrive for their massages. with Ashley I was able to get the day down earlier and everyone liked her as well. In between clients we caught up. "So when did you arrive back? Do you have a place to stay?" "Veronica I arrived last week and have been staying at a hotel while I find a place to stay. Do you k NJ ow of any place?" I smile and text the girls how they felt about adding another roommate. I told Luna and Emm it was Ashley and they freaked out with a major Yes. So I smiled "Ash how do you feel like staying with me and my roommates. You remember Luna and Emm, they are part of my roommates?" "Aren't you serious, it will be like back in college. I would love to." "That settles that. So dating anyone these days Ash?" I see her blush. "Yes his name is Hoseok. How about you V?" " I am dating this really good looking and amazing guy named Jinyoung He makes me feel special." As I finshed saying that Mark and Bambam enter. I introduce them. "Hi Noona!" both Bam Bam and Mark exclaimed. I looked at my watch and realized it was time to head home. Mark walked Ash and I so he could meet up with Luna and take her out on a date.
We arrived back and Luna looked stunning in her dress and her hair in waves. I waved goodbye to both her and Mark. I led Ashley I side where she was immediately wrapped up in a hug by Emm and taken away to catch up. I text Jinyoung "date tomorrow my cutie?" "really? yes I am so excited. what time?" "7 and you pick the date." "7 it is. I say dress casual. ♡ ;)" "♡. :) don't work to late." "I am finishing up and then I am heading home." "text me when you get home no matter how late. ;)" "I will angel. have fun with catching up with your friend." "xoxox" I smile and head into Emm's room where all us girls but Luna conversed. I l [ked up at a notifi5from my phone. It was Jr. "I'm home safe. Sweet dreams angel." I looked at the time and so did everyone else. we all decided to sleep but realized Luna hasn't come home yet. I was about to freak out when she came strolling in through the door. I hugged her goodnight and told her I will get the juicy details later. She smiled big and nodded her head as a blush crept up her face. I walked to my room with Aaliyah. "Tomorrow you will help me pick out an outfit for my date?" "Unni, I would love to. But let's get some sleep now." we both yawned and passed out In an instant.
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