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•***WARNING***• ••It's a really long card•• >PART 2< I'm putting a list of all the groups that debuted every year since I got into kpop in 2010. (I'm going to keep updating it until I get the most recent list of all the debuts in 2015) *Credits to*
January Girl Group - BP Story Entertainment Members: ShiYoo, Jane, InKyung, PyeonJi, and YooJin Debut Song: Today Never Mind Boy Band - Toeast Music Members: G-One, G-Hoon, Ino, and ChangHa Debut Song: Shooting Star Brit Boy Group - Nextar Entertainment Members: ?, ?, ?, and ? Debut Song: Goodbye Yesterday PASCOL Girl Group - Tiptop Entertainment Members: MoonBin, J.Min, and Yuna Debut Song: Let's Eat Together Airplane Boy Group - Winning InSight Members: mNine, Bokiri, and Sung MinKi Debut Song: So Pretty Ego Bomb Boy Duo - Sniper Sound Members: Eul and KwonWoo Debut Song: Throw It Away SPEED Boy Group - GM Contents Members: TaeWoon, SungMin, YooHwan, SeJoon, JungKook, JungWoo, and TaeHa Debut Song: It's Over Pixie Girl Duo - Members: SeulGi and EunJi Debut Song: Hot Spot Takers Boy Duo - Blue Bridge Members: Pink and CoE Debut Song: Remember Me FEBRUARY PURPLAY Girl Group - Purplei Entertainment Members: WooMi, SeolHa, JiYo, and Eeple Debut Song: Love and Remember Iconize Boy Band - Nikki Enterainment Members: Kim Hyun, Lee DuRyeot, Jung YoungBin, Cha BumJin, and Jung Hoon Debut Song: Show You What I Got Heart Rabbit Girls Girl Group - Yoon Story Members: JiEun, DanBi, HeeJung, and BoHae Debut Song: Round and Round MARCH Ladies' Code Girl Group - Polaris Entertainment Members: RiSe, SoJung, Ashley, Zuny, and EunB Debut Song: Bad Girl M4M Boy Group - Cube Entertainment Members: Alen, Vinson, Jimmy, and Bin Debut Song: Sadness MAIN Boy Group - CJ E&M Members: IlHan, ShiHoon, and JinSung Debut Song: Love Is APRIL GI Girl Group - Simtong Entertainment Members: EunJi, OneKet, AI, HaYeon, and Aram Debut Song: Beatles DELIGHT Girl Group - Broad Media Entertainment Members: YeonDu, Kelly, TaeHee, and EunSae Debut Song: Mega Yak Gilgu Bonggu Male Duo - WS Entertainment Members: Gilgu and Bonggu Debut Song: Going Crazy PURE Boy Group - Pure Entertainment Members: SooHyuk, ChanHwi, JiMin, JungBin, and YoungHoo Debut Song: I Still Love You NOTICE Boy Group - Members: Kim DoWan, Han WooRi, Jjeudong, Park JungMin, Park Hoon, and Il JiYoung Debut Song: Dangerous HISTORY Boy Group - Loen Entertainment Members: Kim ShiHyung, Jang YiJung, Song KyungIl, Kim JaeHo, and Na DoKyun Debut Song: Dreamer Got2B Boy Group - SWN Media Members: SeokWon, SungWon, Rion, and DMC Debut Song: Sorry Peernine Girl Group - Escrow Entertainment Members: Kim SoHee, Jung HwaJin, and Cha EunBi Debut Song: 옷 한벌 해준적 없어도 MAY League of Competition #9 (LC9) Boy Group - Nega Network Members: J-HYO, RASA, KING, AO, JUN, and E.DEN Debut Song: Mama Beat G20 Girl Group - Members: Ticha, Cat, Pear, Milky, and Mok Debut Song: Magic Hour *actually a Thai girl group making their Korean debut* JUNE ODD EYE Girl Group - Fair Music Members: Yi Eum, Miki, and HaYool Debut Song: Catch Me If You Can Bangtan Boys / BTS / Bulletproof Boy Scouts Boy Group - Big Hit Entertainment Members: Suga, Jin, JiMin, Rap Monster, JungKook, J-Hope, and V Debut Song: No More Dream 2EYES Girl Group - SIDUSHQ Members: DaSom, HyangSook, DaEun, YeonJoon, and HyeRin Debut Song: Don't Mess With Me Boys Republic Boy Group - Universal Music Korea Members: WonJoon, MinSoo, SooWoong, DaBin, and SungJoon Debut Song: Party Rock JULY BESTie Girl Group - YNB Entertainment Members: U.ji, HyeYeon, HaeRyung, and DaHye Debut Song: Pitapat TURAN Girl Group - Star Pro Entertainment Members: Elisha, Lian, SaeBin, Leekyung, Chae Eun, Ryuji, and HanBi Debut Song: Bang Bang Bang M.I.K Boy Group - Global Artist Entertainment Members: Jay, Sin, Sakoo, and Czero Debut Song: Get Away LUSH Girl Group - Oscar Entertainment Members: J-Mi, Sara, and Mini Debut Song: Miserable Queen B'z Girl Group - JS Entertainment Members: Aram, Maeahri, Jini, Seul Yi, and Rumi Debut Song: BAD Live High Girl Group - Members: Xiah, GaBin, HanKyeol, and YeSeul Debut Song: Hakuna Matata Collavoice Boy Group - GF Entertainment Members: Jaygun, Wasabi, YK, and Gi Baek Debut Song: Your Wedding C.L.O Girl Group - I ONE Entertainment Members: JoonKi, ChiYoo, and SongHwi Debut Song: Play GO Eat GO AUGUST M.Pire Boy Group - Benjamin Entertainment Members: TaeHee, Yooseung, T.O, Red, Jerry, and Haru Debut Song: We Can't Be Friends TAIBIAN Male Duo - Music Joiner Entertainment Members: Rapsta and Kingclap Debut Song: Pinocchio Say Yes Boy Band - Music Factory Entertainment Members: SuBin, SiOn, SungKyu, JunHyung, and HoKyung Debut Song: Feel Good Wa$$up Girl Group - Sony Music Korea + Mafia Record Members: Nari, Nada, JinJoo, SooJin, DaIn, WooJoo, and JiAe Debut Song: Wa$$up Royal Pirates Boy Band - Apple of the Eye Company Members: MoonChul, SooYoon, and James Lee Debut Song: Shout Out 5urprise Boy Group - Fantagio Members: Lee TaeHwan, Gong Myung, Yoo Il, Kang TaeOh, and Seo KangJoon Debut Song: Hey U Come On Honey G Boy Group - Chungchun Music Members: Kwon TaeHyun, Park JiYong, and Bae JaeHyun Debut Song: Baboya B.O.I Boy Group - M. Felicitas Members: JoonHyeon, TOBI, HakDong, DAL, and HAN.S Debut Song: Please Find Her T.A.P Girl Group - Dreamstar Entertainment Members: Hanna, Bita, and Rina Debut Song: Oh! Boy YellOW Girl Group - Big Brain Members: HyeJin, HyunJung, HyunJoo, and Mari Debut Song: This is My Story SEPTEMBER NOM Boy Group - JM Entertainment Members: Kay, Hoo, AhIn, YoHan, and YongGi Debut Song: Noona is Pretty Demion Boy Group - Lions Bridge Members: NakHun, HaeGeun, SangBum, Yoon, and Ssun Debut Song: Ask Her Out Joy O'Clock Boy Duo - Oscar Entertainment Members: DaSon and YongHyun Debut Song: Delusion OCTOBER TREN-D Girl Group - Baeksang Entertainment Members: TaMi, RuRu, NaYul, DanB, and Elly Debut Song: Candy Boy Veloce Girl Group - Members: Shin JiHyun, Kim SooJin, and Kim ChaeRin Debut Song: Round and Round TIMBER Boy Group - A&G Modes Members: Teni, K.Brown, and DaBin Debut Song: 3 Days Topp Dogg Boy Group - Stardom Entertainment Members: B-Joo, HoJoon, P-Goon, Yano, Nakta, Xero, A-tom, Jenissi, SeoGoong, SangDo, HanSol, Kidoh, and Gohn Debut Song: Say It TINT Girl Group - GH Entertainment Members: MiRim, Mei, Jamie, SangMi, and Minnie Debut Song: Love at First Sight Agirls Girl Group - StarBay Entertainment Members: Haneul, Inna, MinSeung, and Yoo RiAn Debut Song: Oh My God Girls Panic Girl Duo - Kongnamul Entertainment Members: Eumpa and Yoo JooYeon Debut Song: It's Okay to Get Married NOVEMBER: Duo Flo Girl Duo - D Entertainment Members: Nabi and HyeJin Debut Song: Payday K-Girls Girl Group - Members: Ara, Chloe, JiAn, MinHee, SangEun, and SeEun Debut Song: Let's Fly AlphaBAT Boy Group - Simtong Entertainment Members: B:eta, C:ode, G:amma, D:elta, E:psilon, I:ota, F:ie, H:eta, and J:eta Debut Song: AB City *AlphaBAT initially debuted as a duo with members KyuMin and SeRin (I:ota); KyuMin has since left the group and eight new members were added* Peach Girl Girl Group - JM Star Entertainment Members: Mimi, BoKyeong, HyunJi, SoMang, and Yuka Debut Song: Fox-Fur Muffler Pro C Boy Group - J.Tune Camp Members: Buffy and Moos Debut Song: Bad Memory DECEMBER: Fwaney with Summit Girl Group - Members: Lee HwanHee, ?, and ? Debut Song: Tonight Pundeng-E Girl Group - Doma Entertainment Members: Red, Yellow, and Blue Debut Song: Al-Tang
JANUARY BEAT WIN Boy Group - Heavenly Star Contents & dragonmusic Members: SunHyuk, SungHo, JungHa, SangGyu, YoonHoo, and YoungJo Debut Song: She's My Girl K-MUCH Boy Group - Chrome Entertainment Members: Kiu, Ato, BornUs, G.Low, and Loki Debut Song: Good to Go GOT7 Boy Group - JYP Entertainment Members: Mark, JB, Jr., Jackson, YooGyeom, BamBam, and YoungJae Debut Song: Girls Girls Girls Seventh Grade Class 1 Girl Group - Dareun Byul Entertainment Members: Baek SeHee, Kang MinJoo, Shin YiRang, Kwon SoJung, Han BitNa, Yoo Hwa, and Go EunShil Debut Song: Oppa Virus Kiss&Cry Girl Group - Winning Insight Members: Soyumi, Dia, HaeNa, and BoHye Debut Song: Domino Game Aila Girl Group - Plane Entertainment Members: RaHee, ShiYeon, Yena, and Kelly Debut Song: Pretty Pretty Pretty Girl SWALLOWTAIL Girl Duo - Members: Ringojay and NanaPark Debut Song: Who Am I N More Co-Ed Band - KT Music Members: Danaka and Go JinYoung Debut Song: Dirty Dog Vidan Girl Band - Members: Kim YooBi, Jung DaHee, Yoon JiHee, Yoo Rira, and Jung HyoEun Debut Song: Chulsapyo Underdog Boy Group - UD Entertainment Members: ShiYool, Stillo, YongJin, GaOn, and YaKoon Debut Song: Can't Stop FEBRUARY: Lip Service Girl Group - Now Entertainment Members: Kora and Bipa Debut Song: Yum Yum Yum Vetty L Girl Group - Han Entertainment Members: ChaeRi, SeRyoung, and Anna Debut Song: Please Come Back Bebop Girl Group - HMI Entertainment Members: JiIn, AhYeon, and JuWoo Debut Song: I'm the Best M.O.A Girl Group - Professional Entertainment Members: Hika, Yui, Jelly, Hyena, JaYoung, ChanHee, and Miva Debut Song: I'll Call Ya 4G Girl Group - Luminant Entertainment Members: Bixi, Jinri, Joi, and Ella Debut Song: Friends Melody Day Girl Group - Loen Entertainment and Viewga Entertainment Members: YeoEun, YeIn, and ChaHee Debut Song: Another Parting 1PS Girl Group - Maru Entertainment Members: Yena, YoonSeo, JiEun, and SaeHa Debut Song: Because I'm a Girl BUBBLE X Girl Duo - KT Music Members: JooHa and DaAe Debut Song: Whistle Poot Poot Girl Duo - ChungChun Music Members: Chae JiYeon and Yoon ShangMi Debut Song: Freshman Song Yery Band Co-Ed Group - TNC Company Members: Han SeungHo, Kim SeonJae, Kim HaNeul, and Yoo YeRi Debut Song: Romeo Mannequin MARCH: Scarlet Girl Group - Funny Collection Entertainment Members: Aromi, Sara, RaByul, JiHye, and YeRim Debut Song: Do Better WINGS Girl Duo - Sony Music Entertainment Korea and DalNByul Music Members: NaYoung and YeSeul Debut Song: Hair Short SoReal Boy Group - Star Empire Entertainment Members: Kang SungHo, Byun JangMoon, Ryu Phillip, and Joo DaeGeon Debut Song: My Heart Says TROY Boy Group - Brand New Music Members: Bumkey, Kanto, ChangWoo, and JaeWoong Debut Song: Green Light 2000 won Boy Duo - Reve Entertainment Members: Kim HyoBin and Kim IlDo Debut Song: Beautiful Unnies (Unnideul) Girl Group - Eden Entertainment Members: Kim JiHyun, Nami, and Nikita Debut Song: Old Fox UglyPumpkin Boy Group - GF Entertainment Members: Omtae, Wormboy, and Shahgoon Debut Song: From Yesterday JACE Boy Bang - Right Achievement Group Members: Jo SeungHyun, YoungSeob, SangEun, DoHyun, Debut Song: Come Up JJCC Boy Group - The Jackie Chan Group Korea Members: SimBa, EDDY, Prince Mak,, and San-Cheong Debut Song: At First Billion Girl Group - Move Entertainment Members: Betty, Janet, Lei, KiRyeon, SeulGi, and SongYi Debut Song: Dancing Alone Badkiz Girl Group - Zoo Entertainment Members: Monika, BomBom, YeonJi, EunJoo, and Jina Debut Song: Ear Attack Rion Five Boy Group - Narda Entertainment Members: RoYoon, MinJae, TaeWoo, KangChan, and YooSeong Debut Song: Crush on You Girl Hood Girl Group - SC Entertainment Members: WangHee, Hyun YeEun, Kim YooJung, and Park SooAh Debut Song: Darling, Honey, I Love You Alice White Girl Group - Members: Jenny, Arlene, ShiEun, EunJoo, and MinYeong Debut Song: Baby Like That Super Cool Guy Boy Duo - Members: ? and ? Debut Song: Nice Man The Vinyl House Male Duo - POPGREEN Entertainment Members: Go JinYoung and Park HyunWoo Debut Song: Good & Bye Amori Fati Girl Band - Coolwave Music Members: Moxi, YeJin, Hyoi, and JiYoon Debut Song: Say the Word APRIL: Billionaire Boy Duo - Members: HooNia and Bumma Debut Song: That Night Akdong Musician Co-Ed Duo - YG Entertainment Members: Lee SooHyun and Lee ChanHyuk Debut Song: 200% High4 Boy Group - N.A.P Entertainment Members: Alex, Baek MyungHan, Im YoungJoon, and Kim SungGoo Debut Song: Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms feat. IU Little Muse Girl Group - Muse Odyssey / WEF Entertainment Members: Lee YeEun, Baek MinJi, Lee DaIn, Choi DaYeon, and Park ShiAh Debut Song: Shubibi Shubabba Pritz Girl Group - Pandagram Members: Hana, Yuna, Ari, and Shua Debut Song: Go Girls MAY: Lapis Lazuli / Lala Band Co-Ed Band - TK Entertainment Members: Kim YooJung, Jung SoonHo, and Kwak JoonSeok Debut Song: Never Don't Stop Beyond the Limit / BTL Boy Group - Kiroy Y Company Members: QL, DoKa, Yu.A, Robin, JiSu, Max, Jay, Allen, and Jean Paul Debut Song: Too G Incielo Male Group - Haeum Entertainment Members: Terry, Leo, Luy, and Gounod Debut Song: I Believe Basterd Male Duo - Luninant Entertainment Members: VOSS and XID Debut Song: Bad News Rabbit Hole Co-Ed Duo - Members: ? and ? Debut Song: Saenggin Bay.B Girl Group - CAN Entertainment Members: Miho, Seola, and Miel Debut Song: Quecera Cera Berry Good Girl Group - Asia Bridge Entertainment Members: TaeHa, NaYeon, GoEun, SuBin, and Yira Debut Song: Love Letter Champagne & Candle Male Duo - BrandNew Music Members: Champage and Candle Debut Song: What's My Name Angel in Nurse / A.I.N Girl Group - Star Commerce Entertainment Members: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? Debut Song: Candy Girl Smile.G Girl Group - Show Works Entertainment Members: WooBin, InSun, Maxie, JiEun, and Lina Debut Song: DoBiDoBob M.I.7 Boy Group - D-Business Entertainment Members: Jay One, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? Debut Song: We the Best JUNE: Rosemary Girl Band - LCH Entertainment Members: Eumpa, JiYe, DaYeon, and Nari Debut Song: That's What They Say Bob Girls Girl Group - Chrome Entertainment Members: DanBi, DaHye, YooJung, and Gina Debut Song: No Way MAMAMOO Girl Group - WA Entertainment & CJ E&M Members: Solar, WhaSa, WheeIn, and Moon Byul Debut Song: Mr. Ambiguous BLAST Boy Group - Kings Entertainment Members: DaHee, JiWon, ChanWoo, HanKang, and HeeJong Debut Song: Git It Girl BIGFLO Boy Group - HO Company Members: Ron, YuSeong, HighTop, Z-Uk, and JungKyun Debut Song: Delilah HALO Boy Group - AYIN Holdings Members: InHaeng, HeeCheon, Ooon, Dino, JaeYong, and YoonDong Debut Song: Fever ZAN ZAN Male Duo - Chrome Entertainment Members: Yang JungMo and Park MinGoo Debut Song: Chicken Feet OUIGEE Girl Group - Caramel 529 Entertainment Members: YUN-E, Bom-I, and MuA Debut Song: Taegeuk Warriors are the Best X10 Male Duo - Happy Star Entertainment Members: KONAN and K-Bean Debut Song: Choice Welldone Potato Male Group - Yedang Entertainment and Yoowol Entertainment Members: Park YoungWoo, Kim NamYoon, Baek SeungYeob, and Lee SooAn Debut Song: Empty Streets JULY: LU:KUS Boy Group - Box Media Members: J.One, DongHyun, JinWan, Choi SeokHoon, and KyungJin Debut Song: So Into U PENTA-G Boy Group - Mirrorball Music Members: DaeChan, Simon, MinSeo, N-Jun, and Haullim Debut Song: Hey! Miss Topic Girl Group - HiCC Members: Sun, Beatnara, JooHyun, and SungAh Debut Song: See Ya B.I.G (Boys in Groove) Boy Group - GH Entertainment Members: Benji, GunMin, J-Hoon, HeeDo, and Gook MinPyo Debut Song: Hello Legend Boy Group - JK Space Entertainment Members: Lito (MinJoon), Listen (SeungTae), Roi (Qinfen), JeHyuk, and ChangSeon Debut Song: Left Out Ye-A Girl Group - Kiroy Y Group Members: YiGyer, Kazoo, Chai, YeoRin, HaDy, DoHye, Pier, and Hyei Debut Song: Up and Down Lucky J Co-Ed Group - YMC Entertainment Members: Jessi, J-yo, and J-Kyun Debut Song: Can You Hear Me? EVE Girl Group - Members: Rina, May, and Chichi Debut Song: Mystery LOVE Step Girl Girl Group - JJ Entertaiment Members: JungJoo, HeeJung, Anna, Sera, JinYoung, and HyeJi Debut Song: Step Girl LODIA Girl Duo - ATC Records Members:Elena and Effy Debut Song: I Got a Feeling Play the Siren Co-Ed Group - Baljunso Members: Kasper, Siren, BeckBum, Chichi, and Squalla Debut Song: Dream Drive Taurine Girl Group - Insight Entertainment Members: Song SangEun, Jung KaHee, and Lee DaYeon Debut Song: Wish List ZEST Boy Group - Zenith Media Contents Members: YeHo, ChiWoo, DeokShin, Choigo, Shun, and Shin Debut Song: Last Night Story AUGUST: Red Velvet Girl Group - SM Entertainment Members: Wendy, SeulGi, Irene, and Joy Debut Song: Happiness 4L (Four Ladies) Girl Group - Jade Contents Media Members: Chany (ChanHee), JaYoung, J-na (Gina), and YeSeul Debut Song: Move ROK-KISS Boy Group - Happy Star Entertainment Members: Koon, Who, Khan, and Sun Debut Song: Rok-Kiss WINNER Boy Group - YG Entertainment Members: Kang SeungYoon, Nam TaeHyun, Song MinHo, Kim JinWoo, and Lee SeungHoon Debut Song: Empty and Color Ring 4TEN Girl Group - Jungle Entertainment Members: HyeJi, Tem, EuJin, and HyeJin Debut Song: Tornado Laboum Girl Group - NH Media and Nega Network Members: SolBin, YulHee, ZN, HaeIn, SoYeon, and YooJung Debut Song: Pit a Pat BillZ Co-Ed Duo - BillZ Company Members: Very and Lee KangNyeong Debut Song: Let's Go Hunting Lady T Girl Group - KSJ Entertainment Members: Jung EunJi, Ahn HyeEun, Seon HoBin, Won HyeRyeon, and Hwang InJoo Debut Song: Dingaling SEPTEMBER: MINX Girl Group - Happy Face Entertainment Members: JiYoo, SooAh, ShiYeon, YooHyun, and DaMi Debut Song: Why Did You Come to My House? A.N.D.S / Aneun Dongsaeng Girl Group - Members: Lydia, NaYom, BoSeon, and YeoWool Debut Song: Oppa, Where Are You? N*WHITE Girl Group - WJ Entertainment Members: SooBin, Lina, HaKyung, and SooHyun Debut Song: Hello Boy ZPZG Boy Group - J-Star Entertainment Members: Khan, Kang, Gyeom, and JiHoon Debut Song: Go Crazy OBroject Boy Duo - WA Entertainment Members: Oh TaeSeok and YoonDak (Oh YoonSeok) Debut Song: Best Friend Road Girls Girl Group - C & Joy Music Members: Kim DaHee, Min Jei, and Park Jina Debut Song: Crush *a promotional group for Road FC* FameUs Boy Group - KN Media Group Members: DaeYoung, DoA, JungHoon, Kuudo, Hansaem, and HanYoung Debut Song: Crazy Target Boy Group - TNS Entertainment Members: G.I, SeulChan, Zeth, Roi, Boun, Han, and Hyun Debut Song: Please Love Me OCTOBER MADTOWN Boy Group - J.Tune Camp Members: Moos, DaeWon, Lee Geon, Jota, Heo Jun, Buffy, and H.O Debut Song: YOLO UNIQ Boy Group - YG Entertainment and YueHua Entertainment Members: Kim SungJoo, Li Wen Han, Wong Yi Bo, Cho SeungYeon, and Zhou Yi Xuan Debut Song: Falling in Love Almeng Co-Ed Group - YNB Entertainment Members: Choi Rin and Lee HaeYong Debut Song: Phone in Love Purfles Girl Group - Crescendo Entertainment Members: GunHee, EunYoung, and WooYoung Debut Song: 1, 2, 3 D.HOLIC Girl Group - Hmate Entertainment Members: Nine, DanBI, Duri, Rena, and Hami Debut Song: I Don't Know HOTSHOT Boy Group - K.O Sound and Oscar Entertainment Members: HoJung, San, SungWoon, Kid Monster, Timotheo, and JunHyuk Debut Song: Take a Shot 6to8 Male Trio - Goodfellas Entertainment Members: Lee Min, Hong SeokJae, and Johnny Bum Debut Song: Let Me Love You NOVEMBER: Atomic Kiz Boy Group - Leaders (or Lydus) Content Company Members: JM, J-Per, SungGong, YeHoon, and JinHan Debut Song: Wa One.Case Boy Group - JL Entertainment Members: TaeBin, ChanSeok, and Znu Debut Song: Pitiful Girl Lovelyz Girl Group - Woollim Entertainment Members: Baby Soul, JiAe, Jin, MiJoo, JiSoo, Kei, SooJung, and YeIn Debut Song: Candy Jelly Love 5urprise Boy Group - Fantagio Members: Seo KangJun, Lee TaeHwan, Kang TaeOh, Yoo Il, and Gong Myung Debut Song: From My Heart Double T.O.V Male Duo - Riot Music Members: Jeon WooHyun and Lee SangHoon Debut Song: More Than Good Guys WANNA.B Girl Group - Zenith Media Contents Members: J.Bin, JiWoo, YoonSeul, and SaeBom Debut Song: My Type LULUZ Girl Group - Zenith Media Contents Members: LOA, EunSom, and SeoYoon Debut Song: How About Me? DECEMBER: Kiwi Band Girl Band - Contents Media Group Members: Woo-U, Bella, JiYeon, and HyeSung Debut Song: Hakuna Matata Sonamoo Girl Group - TS Entertainment Members: NaHyun, New Sun, EuiJin, D.ana, High.D, SuMin, and MinJae Debut Song: Deja Vu HeartB Boy Group - Marble Pop Members: DoJin, JinWook, ByulHa, and ChanYoung Debut Song: Shine A.Daily Girl Group - DK Entertainment Members: Ziu, Jade, Sena, Diana, YunSeol, and ChaE Debut Song: If You Don't Tell Me MI.O Boy Group - Source Media Members: Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America Debut Song: To Buy a House
JANUARY: Honey Girls Girl Group - Leeds (리즈) Entertainment Members: Hani, Jackie, Amin, Airing (아이링), and HeeYa Debut Song: Again G-Friend Girl Group - Source Music Entertainment Members: ShinB, EumJi, YeRin, SoWon, YooJoo, and EunHa Debut Song: Glass Bead Dawg'loo Boy Group - Danal Entertainment Members: BigDD, RuBic, JunHyun, and Yoon HyunJoon Debut Song: OH 1PUNCH Boy Group - D-Business and Brave Entertainment Members: 1 and Punch Debut Song: Turn Me Back ZZBest Girl Group - Faith Entertainment Members: DanA, DaYoung, HanBi, Miri, and Ina Debut Song: Temptation Fri.D Male Duo - Star Factory Entertainment Members: SoulChan and Hidden Debut Song: I Like FEBRUARY: Rubber Soul Girl Group - Universal Music Korea, Happy Tribe Entertainment, and With HC Members: Choi Cho, Lala, and Kim Debut Song: Life ft. Mad Clown Bellroseya Girl Group - SCM Entertainment Members: ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? Debut Song: OK Dongnae Oppa Boy Group - Mac Agency Members: Jung JaeHeon, Park SeongTae, Lee HoSan, Kim MyungJoon, Choi SeungHoon, Lee Hyun, and Lee DeulYi Debut Song: Oppa Kanda PlanC Co-Ed Group - Creative About Entertainment Members: Ki HyunSeok, Park JooShik, and Seo GeunYoung Debut Song: Spring is Coming A-Plus Girl Group - Owl Entertainment Members: DaYoung, YeonHee, and HyoEun Debut Song: Again & Again Humble Boy Group - Luminant Entertainment Members: Bang JaeHoon, Lim SungHwan, Jung KyungSoo, Shin JoongKi, and Bae JaeHyuk Debut Song: Like It The King Boy Group - Gaon Entertainment Members: SeJin, DongHyuk, Choi Rang, BaWool, and SeungJae Debut Song: Destiny MARCH: SUS4 Girl Group - TK Entertainment Members: JiMin, SanHa, and Hena Debut Song: Shake It CLC Girl Group - Cube Entertainment Members: Sorn, SeungHee, YooJin, YeEun, and SeungYeon Debut Song: Pepe Pretty Brown Male Duo - Brand New Music Members: Gu InWe and HyunJung Debut Song: Break Up with Break Up Verry Female Duo - Stoneship Entertainment Members: Keezy and Sina Debut Song: Can We Luv BABA Girl Group - PR Entertainment Members: SoMi, SeoAe, ByulHa, HyoAh, and Pureum Debut Song: Gimsangsa Returning from Vietnam APRIL: Pocket Girls Girl Group - Danal Entertainment Members: YeonJi, JooA, SoYoon, and SeA Debut Song: Bbang Bbang Hexe Girl Group - Members: Sara, Mirae, SoEun, Soye, and JinSil Debut Song: Maybe Baby The Ark Girl Group - Music K Entertainment Members: Yuna, MinJu, Halla, YuJin, and Jane Debut Song: The Light Oh My Girl Girl Group - WM Entertainment Members: Mimi, JiHo, YooA, SeungHee, JinE, Arin, Binnie, and HyoJung Debut Song: Cupid Cupid Girl Group - In Entertainment Members: Bona, Sarang, Nanayuri, and Jenna Debut Song: I Feel Good ONE Voices Male Duo - HAK Entertainment Members: J.Han and E.Stun Debut Song: Flush National Team Male Duo - Adel Entertainment Members: CCHIO and Pino Debut Song: Crazy Money M.FECT Boy Group - Midas Entertainment Members; Zamong, Low, M.Gun, Jell, and Boho Debut Song: Impact MAY: ROMEO Boy Group - CT Entertainment Members: YunSung, HyunKyung, Kyle, SeungHwan, MinSung, Milo, and KangMin Debut Song: Lovesick MONSTA X Boy Group - Starship Entertainment Members: KiHyun, WonHo, Shownu, JooHeon, MinHyuk, HyungWon, and I.M. Debut Song: Trespass A6P Boy Group - DS Entertainment Members: JungYeon, AcTin, YaHo, Jaegyueo (Jaguar?), Jelly-P, and Ado Debut Song: Face Off N.Flying Boy Band - FNC Entertainment Members: Kwon KwangJin, Lee SeungHyeob, Cha Hoon, and Kim JaeHyun Debut Song: Awesome Jung JoonYoung Band (JJY Band) Band - CJ E&M Music Members: Jung JoonYoung, Jo DaeMin, Jung SeokWon, and Lee HyunKyu Debut Song: OMG *Jung JoonYoung previously debuted as a soloist* Seventeen Boy Group - Pledis Entertainment Members: S.coups, JeongHan, The8, WonWoo, MinGyu, DK, Dino, Woozi, Vernon, Jun, Joshua, SeungKwan, and Hoshi Debut Song: Adore U Intense Boy Group - JM Star Entertainment Members: Kim MinHoe, Jang SungYong, Min KyungJun, and Ahn SungKwan Debut Song: Cry Tweety Girl Group - Members: U, HaeRin, Lee Sol, and Mina Debut Song: MR (Bbeonhan Sori) Honey Friends Girl Group - IONE Entertainment Members: HyeMi, BoReum, and Jyunky Debut Song: Neh Neh Neh Boo Boo Sixth Sense Girl Group - U.P Entertainment Members: HeeJoo, HaYoung, and I.N Debut Song: Barbie Bunny JUNE: Baby Boo Girl Group - Hyeonda Company Members: Sori, DaOn, Chaei, and Shine Debut Song: Boo Boo Boo *possibly may have debuted as early as March, but it's the same song* Rebro Boy Group - Members: Hwang SungHwan/John Hwang, Lee Hyun, Yoo SeokHo, Kim ChanMin, and Woo Il Debut Song: Return Asha Girl Group - CM Entertainment Members: DaAe, Yoah, Nara, and HyunAh Debut Song: Mr. Liar Vitamin Angel Girl Group - Members: Jia, Nara, Vina, and Jenny Debut Song: Summer Fairy Tale Awesome Baby Girl Group - TN Nation Entertainment Members: Joon, DaHee, SooMin, YeChan, and Rina Debut Song: Why Am I? Rare Potato Boy Group - Yedang Entertainment and Yoowol Entertainment Members: Im YoungHoon, Seo DongHyun, and Choi YoungSoo Debut Song: Fake Illness Bambino Girl Group - JS Entertainment Members: EunSol, Denise, MinHui, and Hadam Debut Song: Oppa Oppa Playback Girl Group - Clear Company Members: HaYoung, SoYun, WooLim, and Yena Debut Song: Playback Double Eight Boy Group - Star O Entertainment Members: ChanSol, Lee Rook, Han, Cage, and Nareu Debut Song: Don't Let Me Go Laysha Girl Group - JS Entertainment Members: Becky, GoEun, Som, YuBin, and Choim Debut Song: Turn Up the Music JULY: Love Us Girl Group - Creative Soo Members: DanBi, Euna, Migyo, and Hayang Debut Song: Tickle Highbrow Male Duo - MBK Entertainment Members: Lee JooHyun and Kim HyungKyu Debut Song: The Mind Good Girl Girl Group - Ecast Entertainment Members: ?, ?, and ? Debut Song: Don't Know AFOS Boy Group - Members: Hu, Aknow, BK, Beagle, Zett, and Jooen Debut Song: Last Winter VX Boy Group - NA Entertainment Members: JinHwa, JT, ShiYoon, Jeki, and LA-E Debut Song: Fantasy 10x10 Girl Group - Gaon Entertainment Members: HanYu, Cindy, Hyeon Sung, JiYoon, and Rica Debut Song: Amomia Hidden Boy Group - Members: ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? Debut Song: What's Wrong? LIME Girl Group - V&K Entertainment Members: Liz, Ivone, May, and Emma Debut Song: Toc Toc Toc *it looks like they're actually a Vietnamese group, but I can't tell if this is their overall debut or just their Korean debut* Bully (Gangster) Boy Group - Luminant Entertainment Members: Chak Han, T-Gyu, ChangMin, Tan Tan, and SaWoo Debut Song: I'm the Man AUGUST: April Girl Group - DSP Entertainment Members: SoMin, JinSol, NaEun, ChaeWon, YeNa, and HyunJoo Debut Song: Dream Candy MyB Girl Group - Maroo Entertainment Members: MoonHee, JooKyung, G-Won, HeeJoo, and U-Jung Debut Song: My Oh My ALLSTAR Boy Group - Members: Hoony, Joo Hyeon, Dal, Noah, and HaRang Debut Song: Sugar M.A.S 0094 Boy Band - Members: Kang HyunGu, Jin YongHoon, Son DongMyung, Ju HaRin, and Lee GiWook Debut Song: Butterfly Find a Flower 1TensioN Boy Group - Bridge Sound Entertainment Members: NJun, Luka, J-Hyun, and ChaSung Debut Song: Dajulkke Rooftop House Studio Male Duo - Fun Factory Members: TaeSan and KiDong Debut Song: Heart Throbbing SEPTEMBER: 4SOME Girl Group - Sugar Entertainment Members: Nike, Syuri, Yenny, and Hai Debut Song: A.D.A (A Dangerous Action) Unicorn Girl Group - Show Brothers Entertainment Members: Winnie, YuJin, Rumi, Sally, and GaYoung Debut Song: Huk The Shorties Girl Group - CS Entertainment Members: Lee JooYeon, Ryu TaeKyung, and Yeo InHye Debut Song: Wonder About You Day6 Boy Group - JYP Entertainment Members: Young K, SungJin, Jae, JoonHyuk, WonPil, and DoWoon Debut Song: Congratulations NPI / New Planet Icons Boy Group - New Planet Entertainment Members: Liyond, Rown, Jonathan, EunSoo, PyeongKi, and MinHyuk Debut Song: Vampire UP10TION Boy Group - TOP Media Members: WooShin, HwanHee, JinHoo, Bit-to, Gogyeol, Kuhn, Wei, KyuJin, Xiao, and SunYoul Debut Song: So, Dangerous ACE Girl Group - Worthy Entertainment Members: Jina, YuJin, DaReum, and SeolAh Debut Song: Fallen DIA Girl Group - MBK Entertainment Members: Eunice, ChaeYeon, Jenny, EunJin, YeBin, Cathy, and SeungHee Debut Song: Somehow iKon Boy Group - YG Entertainment Members: HanBin, Bobby, JinHwan, JunHoe, YunHyung, ChanWoo, and DongHyuk Debut Song: My Type VIVIDIVA Girl Group - DN Entertainment Members: SaeYan, SunYul, Kana, Sara, Ha.L,, and GuuMe Debut Song: Service A.H.H.A Girl Group - YellOcean Company Members: KangBin, EunAh, YeoJin, and ByulHa Debut Song: Hood On HADY Girl Group - Kings Entertainment Members: HyunJin, Ahreum, DaYoung, and YeJin Debut Song: Hello OCTOBER: One O One Boy Group - Starhaus Entertainment Members: Kwak SiYoung, Song WonSuk, Kwon DoKyun, and Ahn HyoSeob Debut Song: Love You ATT Girl Group - Broad Entertainment Members: YoonJong, SeYeon, AYeon, SeoHee, and YooJung Debut Song: Temptation Hotties Girl Group - Soleino Entertainment Members: Gyuri, SoYool, Haena, HyeRin, and Elly Debut Song: BAMBAMBAM The Starz Girl Group - Sin Entertainment Members: HyeBin, Mirin, HyunJin, JinJu, and HyunHwa Debut Song: You'll Love It Geerisz Girl Group - Members: Mami, JunJun, and Bow Debut Song: Only You TWICE Girl Group - JYP Entertainment Members: NaYeon, JungYeon, DaHyun, Tzu Yu, JiHyo, ChaeYoung, Sana, Mina, and Momo Debut Song: Like Ooh Ahh M Crown Boy Group - Starpro Entertainment Members: Ruan, LBin, TaeGun, JoouP, Laon, JaeHyuk, and Jake Debut Song: Avenue Mumun Trophy Boy Group - FM Entertainment Members: Davino, Eseom, Uwan, HaeOn, Zhoo, and ChanYoung Debut Song: Kiss and Goodbye P.L.O Boy Group - Butterfly Entertainment Members: VOW, Mori, ROK, Ekyun, and Yang HanYoung Debut Song: Lalala PPL Girl Group - Parksal Entertainment Members: Moon GaKyung, Lee DaHee, YooJin, Oh Ahee, Im SeolAh, and Ah Jiro Debut Song: Rush 5NL (Oneul) Boy Group - Urbane Music Members: HanKyun, DongKyun, SungChul, and JooRyeon Debut Song: This Very Moment SIDA Girl Group - 2L Company Members: SeonAh, Yuri, SeonMi, Yeri, and Arin Debut Song: It's You NOVEMBER: VAV Boy Group - AQ Entertainment Members: Jacob, ACE, BaRon, Xiao, GyeoUI, and St.Van Debut Song: Under the Moonlight M.A.P6 Boy Group - Dream Tea Entertainment Members: MinHyuk, J.Jun, Sign, Sun, and J.Vin Debut Song: Storm Dia Girls Girl Group - Diamond One Entertainment Members: YooNa, ShiYoo, SuA, and HyeJin Debut Song: Gently Snuper Boy Group - Widmay Entertainment Members: TaeWoong, SaeBin, SangIl, SooHyun, SangHo, and WooSung Debut Song: Shall We Dance? Road Boyz Boy Group - Coconut Entertainment Members: MyoHa, Hwan, Maca, Haneul, and ZBell Debut Song: Poison Girl I.C.E Girl Group - HS Entertainment Members: Jung MinJoo, Jang DaHye, Kim EunMi, and Touno Yuna Debut Song: Over U UNIZ Girl Group - Members: Chie, Aini, Rena, and Jaeny Debut Song: Replay +M (Plus M) Boy Group - HICC Entertainment Members: ChangWoo, DanWoo, and D.U Debut Song: Love in This Club DECEMBER: GIRLS GIRLS Girl Group - H Brothers Entertainment Members: ArYoung, Miso, Bori, Rina, and GyuRang Debut Song: Deal PureL Boy Group - IT Entertainment Members: HoJong, Haru, Jinu, EnL, SeoGyu, and Ki-O Debut Song: Balloons Phenomenon Boy Group - Tajoy Entertainment Members: Broken Lips, Ju DaeGeon, and Woo-Side Debut Song: Fresh