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Ok so it's this adorable things birthday! Omg I love him so freaking much!! But like if he could just like stop that would be great bc he kills me!!!
How is he so cute?? I mean look at him ugh!! And he is also only a few months older then me, well actually five months馃槉
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omo the baby turn 16 im so proud untill i turn 17 were the same age awe being a noona is fun
Whoa!! Who is this adorable little cutie!?!?!? And how old is he??
@CrookedShadow his name is sanha hes 16 now born year 2000 lol a year after me
he's two years younger than me and he's slowly creepin' his way up my bias list.
Oh my god, he's my age and I'm like a month older than him!!!!! That's so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!