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What had started as an incredible night, ended up being one filled with fear and trepidation. Junsu is doing his best to make sure you feel safe and secure. You feel like he falls asleep a few times yet if he does, he wakes up the minute you even twitch. You know if you fall asleep your nightmares will return. He had heard them once and came to check on you; you don’t want him witnessing one first hand. Somewhere around dawn your brain finally gives up and allows you to sleep. When your nightmare starts you feel arms tighten around you; soft words are spoken in your ear, and a calming touch stroking your hair.
When you finally awake, the sun is high in the sky; the blinds barely keeping the light out. You are still wrapped in Junsu’s embrace. He is on his phone but sets it aside the minute he feels you stir. “Good Afternoon,” he whispers, placing a soft kiss on your lips.
“What time is it?”
He picks his phone back up, “A little after two.”
“Two?” You shoot up in bed, “What must work think? Oh my heck I’ve never…”
He reaches out and pulls you back over, “I texted them that you were sick this morning. It’s all good.” He looks deep into your eyes, “How are you feeling?”
“Freaked out,” you grimace, “but it isn’t anything I haven’t felt or handled before.” You realize he’s still in his bed clothes, “You stayed with me this whole time? What about your schedule?”
He reaches a finger over to shush you. “I handled all I needed to from my phone. What I couldn’t, I rescheduled. I leave for the theater in a couple of hours. Right now, you are priority.”
“Have they figured anything out? They really think Seon-Ki is my stalker?”
He nods, “It makes sense but they will get proof. He joined the security team six months ago. They are looking at his last job to see where you two might have crossed paths.”
“But he was with me when I received that box at the office.”
“It’s easy enough to arrange. He would have wanted to throw us off; make you feel safe with him.”
An involuntary shiver races through you, he shifts and pulls you onto his lap. He pulls the throw cover up and around the two of you. “He made a mistake, he will be caught.”
“What about all the codes and keys? Are they going to be difficult and expensive to change?”
“It is unfortunate he knows my system, but not unfixable. No worries.” He smoothes hair behind your ear; “You should be hungry, shall we feed you?”
After he settles you in the kitchen with food and an order to eat; he heads back to take a shower, get himself ready to leave. You wander back to the guest room for your laptop. You need something to keep your mind off last night or you’ll never get any food down. You’re scrolling through your emails, absent mindedly putting forkfuls of food in your mouth. You can do this; it isn’t the first time, you know the tricks of survival.
You can feel Junsu approach from behind. Funny, anyone else approaching from behind would freak you out. He is simply a calming presence for you. You turn around to find him finishing a text. He looks up and smiles as he puts his phone away. He grin gets bigger as he looks at your plate, “Very good. I was afraid I’d have to feed you.”
You tilt your head playfully, “That could still be fun.”
He bops you on the nose, “I’ll keep that in mind for later. I need to leave; Do-yun and Joon-soo are both in security. Would you feel better if one is here with you?” He notices your hesitation and lifts your chin, “No embarrassment. This is being done to you; they are just as concerned as I am.”
You slowly nod your head and take a deep breath, “Alright than. Yes, it’d be great to not be alone.”
“I’ll be right back.”
As he heads out the door you resume going through and answering emails. You click on one with the subject line, ‘Future Project’. Expecting it to be a job proposal from a new client you click it open. A video clip immediately starts to play.
Junsu returns moments later with Do-yun, only to find you throwing up everything you just ate . He glances from the computer to you and motions Do-yun to check it. He heads over to check on you when,
“Boss,” Do-yun calls over. “You need to see this.”
You slide to the floor in the corner, wrapping yourself in as tight a ball as possible. Junsu glances at the computer screen, where there is an image of a bedroom. He clicks the button to play and realizes it is his bedroom. He is now seeing exactly what you did last night after he shut the bedroom door. In bright red font, running on a ticker across the screen is the word: WHORE.
Holy Crap! Someone hold me, I'm scared!!
I'm so scared right now!!!!!!
dun dun duuuuuuuun! 😨😨