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Idols can do so much more than just sing, rap and dance!

For 4D Week, here are some of my favorite musician idols :D

Wendy - Speak Now (Taylor Swift)

IU - Gee (SNSD Cover)

Taeyang and Junsu's Piano Battle!

Henry & Seohyun - Trap (Violin and Piano Cover)

Jay (Day6) - Rolling in the Deep (Guitar Cover)

There are so many more talented idols!

Who are your favorite musical instrument-playing idols!?

This is the fourth week of Fantasy Kpop month! Please enjoy^^

See the full schedule here!
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@kpopandkimchi bbbaaeeee = chanyeol
EXO's Chanyeol! He's a producer in the making! And after finding out he can play piano, BTS's Suga. 😍
That piano battle though 😍😍
Chanyeol and Lay~😍😍