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No no no not like that you dirty perverts.
I'm talking about appa Yoongi.
Baby boy be looking swagged out all the time.
Your little girl will be looking the best too.
I feel like any boy he has will be going nonstop till he falls asleep then good luck getting him back up.
As far as any girl of his....can we say daddy's girl and spoilt rotten.
He would be the type to bring them along with him on tour and from early on will be exposed to music. It's in their DNA so you know they will be amazing when they grow up.
He would be such a loving father even if he didn't always know how to show it.
He would want to give the world to his children no matter what it took. He would also be incredibly protective of his children too. That is one dad you don't want to mess with.
Also I feel like there would be pictures of his kids everywhere. He loves taking photos and he would especially love taking photos of his children as they grow up.
Even if he has to work long hours he would always call or face time to talk to his kids. Check on their day and make sure they did their homework.
He would be an amazing father and its strange but now I'm kinda lookong forward to the day he becomes one.
Can't forget the legacy of the $3 chain....swag
I squealed WAY too hard at this card
What I wouldn't give to be the mother of his beautiful future babies!!! Omg this is too cuuute!!!
so cute
I am loving this waaaaay too much and Dat legacy tho
@kpopandkimchi it's a lovely thought right?
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