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Part 2! later on will be part 3. Enjoy!
Day after day, days developed into weeks, eventually weeks turned into months. As everyday past that you were gone all he felt was anger. Anger was his strongest emotion. Soon after it was regret. Each day he marked off the calendar, was a day full of regret.
He felt like a lifeless doll, that you were controlling constantly. He blamed everything for his mistake. He never smiled on stage anymore. His music just piled up in a corner on his desk. Yet each song was about you in every way. The person he saw in the mirror wasn't him. The reality he was living is a broken mirror and he created it.
He remembers your voice. Very soothing when you sang or talked excitedly about something. He missed your hugs, how you held him when he was upset or just to cuddle. He can feel the scattered scars of the surface of your legs from self harm. Look on your face when he told you how much you meant to him.
He wished that you would not fade from him.
"ITS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!" Namjoon yelled in rage, the apartment was a complete disaster. "SHE WAS ALL I HAD!" He continued smashing another picture frame.
"HOW IS IT MY FAULT! YOU WERE THE ONE TO LET HER GO!" Your ex-best friend screamed back at him.
"It is all you fault. If you had not interfered this wouldn't have happened." His voice drooped very low and deep. It sent shiver down her spine.
"I felt nothing with that kiss, the woman forced herself on me. Then, you come and blackmail me out of my perfect relationship." Namjoon growled out his nostrils flaring in anger. He was never this explosive, until you left.
"Well you were stupid enough to believe she wouldn't have trusted you. You caused her and yourself unimaginable pain." Your ex-best friend stated clicking her tongue with her arms crossed in defiance.
"You're naïve as she is." She spat out in disgust. "It was your fault that you actually thought I had real proof." Before she could react he punched the wall beside her. The noise echoing thru out the apartment.
"LEAVE!" So much anger was rolling off of him it caused her to instantly become fearful.
"Get out of my apartment!" He commanded pushing her towards the entrance slamming the door in her face. Rushing into their once shared room, he packed all of her clothes. He threw the bag outside with her.
"Come back later for your other shit." He didn't let her get a say in before he shut the door again.
Afterward he collapsed on his bed sobbing his heart out. Each passing moment was of you and only you. An hour past and he had calm down a bit. He cleaned up the mess around the house. He filled all of the picture frames with you and him. He only had a few left after he caught "her" trying to throw them out.
Pulling himself together he went for an evening stroll. The dark cold wet street reflect how he felt. He wondered by your favorite places the park, an ice cream shop, and even your favorite pizzeria that was currently open at midnight.
Namjoon hope that you would be in there waiting for him. Like you use too when he was working late and you order the food. To his luck he saw you occupying your favorite window seat. Though you weren't alone. Without processing the situation he crossed the street in an hurry.
i love this! Joonie is bae, and when he is sad it makes me wanna hug his adorable self