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Look at your surroundings, look at your life, look at everything that you have done. Have you finished? Taken in every miniscule detail, from the time you had your first crush and were pulverized by love's fiendish antics; all the way to now where you just finished a whole bag of flaming hot Cheetos, wiped your stupid pig-esque fingers on your sheet, and are watching friends on Netflix wondering when Matthew Perry is going to be hit with a stiff wind and turned into dust? Once the two of us are on the same page let me ask you a question. Who are you... really? Think back to the time when you went to anarchistic hell spawn that was the playground at recess, more commonly know as the fucking wild wild west for children. When you came to grasp the full scope of this archaic death trap built before the 70's with no concern for the safety of children just absolute unadulterated fun, you will also find that there is a hierarchy. You get to make the decision whether or not you want to be putting someone on the ground or being put on the ground, popular or unpopular, a jock or a geek, smart or useless. Everything rides on this moment. Just wait though, before you fucking piss yourself. Because if you think that some stupid cookie cutter bullshit like popularity defines your life then just leave right now because you've got all figured out! Go grab yourself piping hot cup of trendy, throw on your elegant clothes that are all the rage, and strut your way down the middle of the street and get hit by a semi. Because you might as well be a shit streak on the road so you can parallel with your personality. For those of you not getting scraped into a bucket off of asphalt let me captivate your attention for just a minute longer.
Your life is a book, and unless you're a lifeless fuck that likes piece of shit books, you're going to write your own pages. Every volume, edition, chapter, page, sentence, word, down to the God damn letter is yours and yours alone. And yes this convoluted metaphor is absolutely necessary to try and get my point across because no matter how many times I say this shit some people just aren't fucking listening so I feel it rather predictable that I would need this to get the point across. You should know that nothing is your fault until you let it shape you that way doesn't matter what you did or thought or felt. You are you and no amount of discrimination or hatefulness should ever makes you feel less than great.
true, something i had to face the same....
The last two lines are the most important. This is SO true and its so hard for people to realize that (even me sometimes!)