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Conor McGregor is UFC’s biggest star right now.

Despite his loss to Nate Diaz a few weeks ago, people are still praising him for stepping up two weight class to face Diaz and putting up a good fight. He is also UFC’s biggest prize as he has the star power and charisma to excite fans all around the world. So it is natural for companies to seek after the fighter and endorse him with a lot of money. Budweiser was no exception.
Thus, the two collaborated and came up with a 40-second ad that called “Dream Big”. You can check out the ad below.
As you can see however, you don’t see McGregor drinking, just him giving a motivational speech to youngsters all around the world. However, this ad was blocked in Ireland because advertising regulations in Ireland prohibits marketing of alcohol towards children by the use of “heroes of the young”.

And we all know that Conor McGregor is one of the most idolized athletes in Ireland.

If the ad consisted an image of this nature, then it definitely encourages underage drinking.
I personally feel like this punishment was a bit harsh considering the fact that he doesn’t even take a sip of beer…and you don’t even see the brand name until the very last frame in the website BUDDREAMBIG.IE.

Sports fans, do you agree with Ireland’s decision to ban this ad because it encourages underage drinking? Write your thoughts below!

@mchlyang They could always have cut the last couple of seconds I guess!
@shannonl5 Thats another great point but this is a great campaign to promote something good...not the drikining aspect
@DavidGom Thats a good point but I think they were too harsh on this one
Considering how serious the alcohol problem is in Ireland I get why they're being so hardcore.
@DucktheFodgers Yeah....also he's not even drinking in the commercial
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