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So my sister is one of those people who are always late to the trends. Last month, 'Run The World (Girls)' by Beyonce was her new favorite song, and she finally, finally got herself a Snapchat account.
In the time between Snapchat coming out and her actually figuring out it exists, I've kind of fallen in and out of love with the service, but she's constantly sending me pictures of her as a dog, her as an evil bunny, her as a big googly-eyed alien. She's obsessed with her Snapchat filters - and it's safe to say that she isn't the only one.
Take Lex Fleming of the YouTube channel MadeYewLook, for example - a make-up vlogger whose attempts at recreating some of Snapchat's most popular new filters for those of us who want to creep our friends out in real time.
(Side note: I wonder what happens when you paint on an Evil Bunny face then throw on the Evil Bunny filter. EVIL BUNNY INCEPTION???)

She takes contour to the next level to give her the creepy sunken cheeks of the Big Eyes filter.

Her On Fleek filter look is all black and red body paint - from the strong black eyebrows to the tiny heart-shaped beauty mark.

(If you want to see another vlogger's take on this one, click here!)

Check out how quickly Lex goes from cute standard bunny to FULL-ON EVIL. AHHHHH.

And then there's this hilarious crying filter look - with plenty of dramatic running make-up!

So which look do you think is the best? Which other Snapchat filters should she do next?

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