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The Starting Line takes the classic boombox scene from Say Anything to a whole new level in their music video for Best of Me.

Instead of just holding the boom box, the main boy hires a live band (aka the Starting Line) to serenade the girl of his dreams.

Everything is going according to plan and the whole neighborhood is supporting him, until the music video takes an...unexpected turn.

Has anyone else tried to be really smooth and then TOTALLY screwed up like this!?

Side note - I was actually at the show when they announced they were breaking up and the crowd just stood there SHOCKED. Why would they drop a bomb like that right before their last song? WHY KENNY?!
This is one of my fav Starting Line songs but thanks to that show it also breaks my heart every time I hear it.
@jevonlowery yeah, it was like "we're going to give you horrible news then play your favorite song" hahah my heart didn't know what to do!
Oh wow !!!
@sophiamor this is my first time hearing them I liked the song you mentioned. sucks they broke up
that's a bummer, to give the fans a mixed feeling for a memorable moment