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Remember everyone this is a fanfic and some things said is defiantly not what the person who's name and image are used would say. I know it's very hurtful it hurt to write but again this ain't no rainbow and sunshine story this thing is angsty as all get out.
Opening the door he hesitantly stepped inside the appartment. There had been a spare key on Nabi’s key. Why she had a key to his place he didn’t really want to know. The smell reached him far before the other man came into view. Yoongi was sprawled out on the couch bottle in hand with several others scattered here and there. He had been like this ever since Nabi passed away. Jungkook understood that it was normal to greive and this was his way but after almost three weeks of it he had to stop him. It was no longer greiving it was turning into a slow suicide. “Yoongi hyung?” Kookie moved closer to the older boy stopping his hand just short of touching the other. “How the fuck did you get in here?” Yoongi shifted to sit up looking Jung Kook over. “Why do you have her keys? Give them to me!” “I need these to get in the house. I gave Tae my keys since he’s living with me now.” Putting them into his pocket he sat on the coffee table. He knew the other could see this disapointment on his face but took a long drink anyway. “I don’t need your damn pitty so you can leave now.” “Being there for someone even when they are at their worst when things seem hopeless is what you do for someone you love.” “Why would I want your love. The woman I love is dead.” Yoongi stood up setting the bottle down before pacing around the room. Jung Kook stood moving over to him hugging him to try and calm him. “I know she is. I know it hurts I loved her too.” Yoongi pushed him away making him almost fall over the coffee table. “How could you know how I feel! There is no way you could have known how I loved her you fucking fag!” It felt like fire lit up his veigns making his blood boil. He always just ignored people when they called him that but this was his best friend. The man he loved said that aweful word; before he knew what he was doing Jung Kook’s finst meet with Yoongi’s jaw sending him flying back into the stairs. He was instantly running over to make sure Yoongi was okay but was shoved back onto his butt. Yoongi picked up a chair from the dinning room throwing it aginst the wall smashing the mirror that was hanging on it. Jung Kook couldn’t stand seeing him like this; he had finally snapped and all he was doing was screaming and throwing things. Not wanting to deal with him anymore for the night Kookie left slamming the door behind him. He could hear the noise settle followed by heavy sobs. For now it might be best to just leave him to his pitty party. Just in time for the crosswalk to tell him to go Kookie jogged across the street but apparently the person hadn’t seen the light change. Kookie stopped as the headlights blinded him and the sound of screaching tires filled the air. Only seconds later he felt the pain as he was thrown to the pavement.
WHYYYYY??!!! 😭😭
no no no!!!! I saw it coming but no!
Nooooooooo!!! Not Kookie too!!!
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! WAE????
SERIOUSLY! Thx a lot. kookie is probably dead too :(
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