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Got7 Fly in Dallas ticket options

I'm not sure of how much I should spend on the tickets, but I am excited to see these guys perform in my area! I'm definitely thinking about either group one or four depending on how much money I have in my bank account. It would be so nice to get in early and meet the members but the wait takes so long!!!!!!! Yet, it would also be nice if I could just get good seats and a good view of the concert without having to spend so much money (I'm already spending a ton of dollars anyways! Why would I spend more?) I'll just wait and see what happens if I do end up with $215 in my bank account or just $105.
Also please watch their new music video "Fly" it already has over one million views and I'd like the number to increase to two or ten million. Markson is really active in this song so it's a good video!
It's moments like these when I wish I had a job...CURSE MY POOR HEALTH!
Going for that Group 1 ticket
@Emealia they're not availiable yet. They won't be until April 30. They will be availiable on
Ok then! Cheers to that!
@KpopGaby good option. I would do that too, but I would only end up just touching their hands and not interact with them. But I get your point. You can always refund the tickets and get your money back if you end up not going.
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