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Will Gray Taking His Clothes Off...?

...EVER not be ok?!

If you know me, you'll know that I'm about 800 years late on the Fairy Tail train BUT I AM HERE NOW!!! I'm only up to Ep 30 but hey, it's a start.
Before I watched, I never really "got" the Gray taking his clothes off jokes. I would just be confused on what that even meant!!

But now....now I get it.

And even though it happens SO many times in every episode....

In every scene, serious or comedic....

It is somehow still totally okay with me??

I was sure I'd be tired of it now, and yet.....I am now.

It's just gonna be funny forever, I guess!


Enjoy this compilation of Gray embarrassing himself...

and tell me if I'm ever going to stop laughing at it XD

Never change, Gray <3

I'll be adding more cards about what I've thought of the show so far in this collection, so check it out here ^_^
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@Janxsalas I'm only a few eps past where she joins them and she really does add to the fun!!!!
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Hahaha馃槀 i love gray, I've finished the anime and im reading the manga and he's still my favorite
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@Itachiken good to know I'll always love him ><
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I wouldn't be surprised is that was an episode where the boys had a contest of muscles.
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I love Gray but Natsi is my favorite and Lucy
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