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EXO's Lay the Lamb and Baekhyun the Flying Squirrel
Screenshot of GOT7'S "FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE" JACKET MAKING FILM because I was bored lol Its on the V app if you guys want the link and just watch it yourself let me know
it's not the same I just didn't fix the cover frame... and same goes for some of the others
and I dint own these pictures of course but I did make the video myself if anyone wants to see the full video without having to click on each one or like it let me know I might jus end up putting it up on youtube if I get enough response I'm out y'all Night
I want that jacket
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http://www.vlive.tv/video/6667 @CreeTheOtaku this is the actual film I just screenshotted the film ehe
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