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I'm a few days late in responding to @VoidX 's Feel Good Friday prompt, but I figured I'd take a shot anyways :)

Cowboy Bepop spoilers ahead!!

I just thought this ending was totally well executed.

But also totally feels inducing!!
People say this show is overrated, blah blah blah, but I loved it, and I loved this ending. Why? Well, mostly because it answered all questions while still leaving me thinking about what it all meant. And really, with Spike....well there was kind of a sigh of relief, because his struggles were over. They were finally over, and he could rest! What's not to love about that, even if sad? It felt complete, in some way, and I really enjoyed that. We all die, you know? You might regard this ending as a bit "open" but I think it's pretty clear that it came time to say goodbye.

If you haven't seen the end in a while,

here it is! DON'T WATCH THIS if you haven't seen the series!!


@Captpeter Yeah....somehow balanced out!
I was in shock when I first saw it then i thought about it and it started with those three and it ended with those tree
Definitely hated to see Spike go but it was a stupendous ending
The video says it's blocked in my country under copyright
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