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It's time for the Funny Community's Sunday Confession, a weekly opportunity for Vinglers to confess their most embarrassing secrets!
Every Saturday night, I pick a question that will require all of you to 'confess' by answering the question in the comment section below. (You'll have all Sunday to respond!)

Here is this week's confession:

When is the last time you remember cheating?

It could be while playing a video game, taking a midterm, maybe even on someone...(gasp)?
My Confession:
I attend a night class where I study Korean 2 - 3 times a week, and usually, we're supposed to have a good bulk of our chapter vocabulary memorized before we come into class, but I rarely, rarely have it all memorized in time. So when we go into class the next day, and the teacher asks "Do any of you remember what ______ means?", I'm sneakingly digging through the glossary at the back of the book before raising my hand and acting like, duh, I knew it this entire time. But I didn't. I didn't know at all.

Now it's your turn: When's the last time YOU cheated?

CONFESS!!!!! This is a judge-free zone. Pinky swear.

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@brandontearss Any and all kinds of cheating lol.
Last year, I can say no more
Ok I cheated on my diet yesterday
I cheated yesterday on a class assignment, lol!! I had to do chapter 6 and 7 questionnaires, but it's sooooo time consuming so I did 6 and my friend did 7 then we exchange answers and copy each other's paper, lol!! I know, we badddddd.
I cheat on my morning alarm by hitting snooze. Every time. Lol.