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Jinhyuk saves Young-hwi's life and so he stays in Young-rae's home. Jinhyuk and Youngrae work for the poor people (Tomak tribe) and Jinhyuk's desire to be a good doctor became even stronger. Meanwhile, the number of patients who have vomiting symptoms continues to grow... so everyone is starting to feel worried that there will be an epidemic in the village. 영휘의 목숨을 구한 인연으로 영래의 집에 머물게 된 진혁은 영래와 함께 죽어가는 토막민을 구해내며 의사로서 새로운 결심을 다지게 된다. 한편, 구토 증세를 보이는 환자들이 하나 둘 늘어가고, 도성 밖에서부터 급속도로 번 져오는 괴질의 위협으로 백성들은 불안에 떨게 되는데.. Link for the video is here! ==================================== If you like my previews, please follow me at Leave a comment to let me know if you want previews of Time Slip, or if there are any other dramas that you are interested in. Let me know i have fellow kdrama crazy fans out thereee!!!