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Jumping into Shikamaru's story finally!! As well going between Naruto the Seventh Hokage and the Scarlett Spring & One Piece water seven arc!! Ready for work😒 but def gonna jump into these adventures during down time and breaks!! I'll also finish my SAO season 2 binge. Just binged season 1 and 14 episodes of season 2 yesterday and stayed up all night. Works gonna drag but I got this manga motivation now!! Manga 4 ever!! Anime is life!! Of course, haha!!
@IvanDiaz sweet thanks for the link NAKAMA. I'll def have to get this game. I'm more of an anime watcher def than play any games but if it's an anime game then I can def dig it!!
@LuffyNewman Lol naruto the last uses like 3,000 shadow clones for a new ultimate uzimaki barrage looks effective though , here watch the first minute of this
@IvanDiaz now I really need to get a new system and get storm 4! Haha and awesome jump into Kakashi's story and let me know what you think NAKAMA. And sasuke doing almighty push?? That's just power beyond belief, truly has surpassed Itachi. Now for naruto to have even better rasengan or something lol
@LuffyNewman My kakashi's story arrived like an hour ago ! And also in storm 4 sauske the last is the most op character no surprise there he can now do almighty push
@IvanDiaz yeah I wanna know about that ocular power for sure as well as what he is doing away from the village!! Yeah he had a sweet look with his kinda outlandish outcast look when he suddenly appears n destroys the meteorite??
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