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Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you especially.
You're cool.
I'm out. Continuation of this post.
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Fuck it I have 5 biases in SHINee it's just one of those groups where I can't pick cause first it was Jonghuyn then Minho came in like a wrecking ball then Taemin was creeping, Key's voice let itself in the door and then Onews fucking smile waved at me and I'm just dead now.
@TheEnlightment Taemin caught my interest in the entire fucking thing with Press Your Number. Although when I first got into Kpop and the only videos I had seen were from BIGBANG's M and A albums, I tried to watch Married to the Music and it was way to strange for me. But I watched it again and liked it and then had To The Beautiful You recommended to me so I watched it and liked Minho'd acting. Now I've watched almost all of Hello Baby and a bunch of crack and funny moments videos and Key is Just stay far far away from me, Kibum.
@TheEnlightment but then I'm also like "damn key, I like your voice." with Odd Eye because there's just something about his tone and everything that draws me in
Taemin's new solo songs are what got me to seriously check SHINee out... and thank the lord I did. All of their voices draw me in *sobs* but Minho's especially because I love that bass and I always have a thing for the rappers. All of the boys slay me on a daily basis anyway though
@TheEnlightment I was so surprised when I found out he was a rapper. He gave me the singer vibe. Either way I shall be that person on the outskirts of the fandom refusing to give into them