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You woke up this morning.

Just incase you were looking for a reason to be thankful. That's just one of many. You still have air in your lungs and your heart is still beating. What a life? A beautiful one. While you may have had to drag yourself out of bed this morning, it was worth it -- and if it doesn't seem like it yet, give it a few hours or at least until you finish reading this card. We often take something so beautiful such as life for granted because of minuscule matters that happen to get in our way.
Monday's aren't the best, but any day alive is a blessing. Whether you're tired, sick, down and out or simply just not in the mood to deal with people and their shenanigans today, allow me to bring you some peace of mind and guidance [or at least try to do so]. Take a deep breath and look no further, keep scrolling and allow the five affirmations below to resonate with you. Remember your situation could always be worse. Somebody didn't wake up this morning, but you did -- keep that in mind as you go throughout this week.

Feeling better already, right?

Let's hope so. What is your personal affirmation for the week?
Thank you, @jordanhamilton ! 馃榾
I love the positive attitude!!!! I'm rooting for you! Although you're not a fan of medicine, I'm sure it will make you feel better & want to get up & get out :) wishing you the best. You're in my prayers @TurtleyTurtles
@jordanhamilton I haven't, yet. Money has been tight, with me not working since October. But things are starting to look up, financially, and I'm looking into seeing a chiropractor for the back pain, and maybe doing acupuncture. I don't like medicine, either, and have been avoiding it for the last 10+ years that I've had the pain. But for the last 4 months, I've been laying around, doing nothing but the minimum around the house, and I've had it with the pain and fatigue, so I'm doing something about it. Actually, today, I did some spring cleaning, and even though I'm exhausted, I'm really happy I was able to do it!
You're very welcome! And thank you, I appreciate that a lot @keith2web
I'm familiar with lyrica, they prescribed that to me & I never took it. I'm not a fan of medicine, but I understand when you're in dire pain or need -- you definitely have to do what you have to do. I hope it works for you, it definitely should! Have you tried acupuncture? I heard that helps a lot. @TurtleyTurtles
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