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To follow my Anime and Internet Finds please follow my collection The Internet Life here! Lol, That is how I feel when someone asked me " Who is Captain America" :/. There are some things you heard of and you DON'T have to be apart of that fandom to know it XD, Agreed?
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but he's expressing interest! This is an opportunity to educate! At least that's how I see it...
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@OtakuDemon10 true! As long as it's genuine curiosity and not the dismissive "who even is that would you care" I usually wanna share and end up probably overloading people
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if your child asks you that question, that means you failed as a parent for not introducing it to them. my daughter is 3 and knows the sailor moon theme song by heart. parenting at its finest lol
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@Itlulia my friend has two children and they know all about that as well. They passed on the knowledge like you did.
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the issue here is that the child should have this knowledge from birth. the doctor should already be super sayain while delivering. ka-oh ken just doesn't cut it...
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