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good job guys on getting so many hearts
JB was killing me lol and when he did his airport walk I had a heart attack!
Jr buy my baby Jackson some barbecue!
Youngjae from now shall be called Ars lol
thats what she said sorry couldn't help it.
JB ill love all your camera sides
JB why must you torture me? Seriously the subtitles match the pictures so well! JB you should be sorry for slaying millions of fans with that pose! Like Mark gave me a heart attack! And they know us so well to even know we want solos
they tease Jackson about spelling Defsoul with two Fs lol
they sang and performed "See the light," "Something Good," and "Fly" I was running out of air by this time.
they showed us the album briefly.
Can you tell who my bias is? lol he is so cute I can't take my eyes off him!!
Their power ranger sign Guess who hands they are!
omg I can't with the subtitles Jackson how do you know what JB and I do when we are alone
group huddle! I feel like Im there!!
Definitely go check out the video on the Vapp its too cute and funny! watch their fly live performance here:
@aiisson I dont know if they will post it up so maybe theyll just leave it as the fly performance sorry :(
Is the whole thing on V app? Because I just found the "Fly" performance and I really want to watch it!!! ๐Ÿ˜ข