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On Friday, Siwon, along with his Super Junior bandmate Ryeowook, appeared on the popular morning radio program Kiss The Radio, during which time he got candid… very candid. He began with some wise words of wisdom, “When you’re a student, it’s important to stay grounded,” Siwon said. “It’s not too late to start dating after you become an adult.” But when pressed as to whether he’d prefer a day or a month to get to know a woman, he bluntly stated, “I only need one day [to become physically intimate with a woman].” His bandmate, Ryeowook, kindly added, “Siwon normally likes [physical intimacy].” This summer, the duo, along with the rest of the boys of Super Junior, will head to Japan for two concerts (July 27-28) at the famed Toykyo Dome. During that week the group will release their very first Japanese studio album, Hero, which fans are already counting down the days to release.
@bonstanceus hey I think @dreamgirl just quoted the article from dramafever (from the link) so it isn't really her mistake. But yup I agree saying 'physical intimacy' can be misleading :)
Your caption of him saying that he needs only "one day to become [physically intimate with a woman] instead of using the term "Skinship" is misleading. [physically intimate with a woman] sounds like he does sex right away when what he said was that he initiates skinship which can include hugs, kisses, hand holding, etc.
lol thank u @tokyopop
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