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BTS finishes "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE" series in May. On March 21, Big Hit Entertainment said, "BTS releases special album "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE Young Forever" on May 2 and hold concert of "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE" series for two days on May 7 and 8." BTS's new album is the special album which finishes "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE" two youth series which was released last year. BTS will tell the last story of youth that goes forward despite hardship and difficulties of the present. Moreover, BTS revealed the concert teaser poster and notice of concert through the official channel on social media on March 21. The concert is held in Gymnastics stadium on May 7 and 8. It is the first time that BTS holds concert in gymnastics stadium. They will make new performances of "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE" series of youth story. The advanced concert ticket reservation is open at 8pm on March 25 for the official fan club and the normal one is open at 8pm on March 28. <HERE>
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@Maddie27 I really hope so too!
2 years ago·Reply
😲 I don't think I'm ready
2 years ago·Reply
is it just me or like I am going to miss this series so much like I feel like this united the fandom by making them think together and create theories and share their experiences with each other through the years also with the pain we all had because of this... I don't know, but I am really going to miss this series and hopefully we get a good conclusion for this story. ♡ so proud of Bts ♡
2 years ago·Reply
I literately can't wait any longer!!! I have been waiting for this!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I loved this series so much. I cried cause it was sad and confusing but I loved all the theories the fans made and all the meaning behind it and everything. That's like my life right there.
2 years ago·Reply