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Hosting Noragami Open Comment Discussion
comment below your favorite couple from noragami comment below what you want from season 3 comment below your favorite character @ubstheegam3r
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Favorite couple: definitely Yatori Favorite character: Yukine <3 Expectations: more of the same really; ridiculous Yato antics, further awesome character development/seeing Yukine come into his own even more as exemplar and blessed vessel as he guides Yato toward becoming a god of fortune. I also wanna see how Bishamon's camp continues to develop (she and Kazuma are a close 2nd for my favorite couple) and how her relationship with Yato changes now that their past is kinda cleared up. I also wanna know what the heck's up with this "father" character who's trying to sink my ship!
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Ughh yeah I call him trashkasaki Ughh trying to sink our ship!! I feel like murdering him!!!! Ughh @OtakuDemon10
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