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We're handing out superlatives!

Just like in your high school yearbook. Here's how it works:
+During the week we'll nominate characters for the week's theme
+Each character needs three likes or three comments to be nominated
+We'll vote in the final round on Sunday!
This week's theme is:

That's right!!!

Nominate the hero you think is most flawed by commenting below! You have until Friday to comment and like, so make sure you get your friends in on it! We'll vote on Sunday.
Last week's winner was: Spider-Man! For most loyal ^_^
batman he think he's the perfect hero cause he has no weakness but in one comic he lost a bet with Alfred because Alfred knew batmans weakness so by reminding him of his parents he got in his head and alfred got 10 bucks out of it
we all love him to death, but I gotta nominate Deadpoolio for this one
I'm going with green latern. he's one of my respected heros but to be able to lose your ring powers by losing your courage and having to recharge it during a fight plus to have the whole lantern oath to call the core and charge....
It's a toss up between Green Lantern and Superman. GL is weakened by the color yellow.....enough said. Superman, while being strong, fast, impenetrable, has laser and X-ray vision, etc; he is weakened by kryptonite. A rock. Not to mention who hasn't already figured out his "secret identity"? Unless he also the ability to be beyond recognizable while wearing glasses, I think that's a pretty big flaw. Sorry Supes.
Deadpool is the most insanely flawed character to come to mind but he's also insanely awesome so no one really cares just how flawed he might be. Everyone loves him anyway!
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