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I've definitely written before about how anime has a way of making food look even better than their real-life counterparts. Well, obviously I'm not the only person who's taken note of that fact, as a new advertisement from McDonald's Japan shows.
In their new video, aimed at encouraging more young people to apply for work at McDonalds, the fast food titan decided to go with a new and interesting take for the ad. They went full anime.
True to fashion, the short ad makes the food of McDonald's look absolutely fantastic, even if we know logically that in real life it's a poor substitute for cardboard. That's the trick with anime food - they always look so good, even when they're representative of food that maybe isn't so good.
Regardless, I've got to say that this is a really well done advertisement for the food chain. It lets them capitalize on the popularity of anime like The Devil is a Part-Timer! and even a little of Shokugeki no Soma.
Check out the full ad here, from McDonald's Japan.
Now I'm hungry for anime goodness.
well if you go to Japan, and eat at McDonald's, do not order the スーパーマク... it's just a mashed potato sandwich
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Devil is a part-timer was the first thing that came to my mind considering they nearly stole the restaurant name from McDonald's
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everything is better in Japan!! haha :D
2 years ago·Reply
anime commercials really and it does look good im hunger now
2 years ago·Reply
Goes to show everything is better with anime
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