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What better time to rock effortless hair than in the spring?

The weather is easy and breezy and the perfect time to let your hair down while it effortlessly blows in the wind.
YouTuber Claire Marshall, shows us how to achieve effortless loose hair in under five minutes and the results are absolutely breathtaking. Let's just say, I'm pretty sure this will be everyone's go-to look for the season.

Are you loving this effortless look?

Perfect for the spring and summer, right?
Layered hair is always great! And I actually do have quite a few heatless style videos, I'll be sure to tag you @SweetPea03
Love this! Would attempt to try it out but I'm terrible at styling my hair. I used have long hair (up to my hip) but I had cut it short (shoulder length) and layered. But now I am stuck with just two boring and over used styles. If you have any heatless and easy styles that would be awesome!
omg I would so date that woman :o