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Wow this takes me back to a long time ago when I was watching this in diapers with my brothers. I love growing up with an anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece, etc because it's like you're actually growing up along with the characters. Sure I might not be the Princess of all Saiyans or the Pirate Queen but it's kinda the same. We both mature and go through different phases but no matter what I will always rely on anime to teach me life lessons. Anime is like that older sibling, dropping subtle hints (sometimes not so subtle) about what to do in situations and how to live life without that chip on your shoulder.... I just realized I ranted again. This is awkward....I'm sorry! I didn't mean to rant but I get sentimental when talking about animes that I grew up with!!
well roshi died once in db he basically stayed in the background keeping himself alive
@cardboardart you are so right. I stopped watching anime for a couple years and I was homesick. I missed my family! When I started watching again I rewatched a lot of the ones I started watching as a kid! 😃 anime is a safe haven for a lot of us.
the only reason roshi died in db cause they used the Dragon balls on king piccolo that's why other wise he wouldn't have died and would have owned king piccolos ass!
Yup the gods of Earth all agreed and in bits and pieces told goku how powerful roshi is
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