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This choice won't be easy!

In this edition of Marry, Boink, Kill, you have to choose between Natsu, Loki, and Sam Winchester. Between those three, who lives, who marries you, and who gets a glorious one-night stand?
kill sam (1. he will come back, 2. i dont want anywhere near the deathly dick), boink loki (its probably amazing angry sex), marry natsu (baaaaeee)
Marry Natsu, boink Loki, kill Sam. ONLY is this okay to kill Sam because I look at it as he's already came back to life like a million times already. Sorry Moose, I still love you!!!
Marry Natsu, boink Loki, kill Sam. But can we change one night stand to friends with benefits instead lol. Or can I just marry both Natsu and Loki lol
Ugh y u do dis!? I can't marry them all!? It's a total tossup, but I think marry Natsu, boink Loki, and kill Sam. PS I'm laughing at anyone who chooses to boink Sam, cuz we all know where that leads! This was almost as hard as Trump, Kanye, or Putin (Keep It 100 question on Larry Wilmore earlier this week), only for the exact opposite reasons!
@ChildOfSparda13 @UzumakiJess I was actually as little hesitant about killing Sam, cuz according to that reaper this season, if they die again, they're not coming back, sooooo, yeah
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