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Marry Boink Kill: Extreme difficulty mode!

This choice won't be easy!

In this edition of Marry, Boink, Kill, you have to choose between Natsu, Loki, and Sam Winchester. Between those three, who lives, who marries you, and who gets a glorious one-night stand?
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Marry Natsu, boink Loki, kill Sam. ONLY is this okay to kill Sam because I look at it as he's already came back to life like a million times already. Sorry Moose, I still love you!!!
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lol @ChildOfSparda13 your comment made me snort coffee out my nose
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@ChildOfSparda13 @UzumakiJess I was actually as little hesitant about killing Sam, cuz according to that reaper this season, if they die again, they're not coming back, sooooo, yeah
a year ago·Reply
Boink Loki (obviously) Marry Sam (to maybe avoid death) Kill Natsu (He belongs with Lucy)
a year ago·Reply
marry Natsu, boink Sam kill Loki
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